Imagine a product with no description! A product description is essential in helping customers understand the features of the products they wish to buy. However, a product description optimized for SEO will help your Shopify store rank higher on search engines like Google. It is also more engaging and are easy to read by both your visitors and the search engines. To develop the best product description that has been optimized for SEO, read on to learn how to do it.

  1. Define Your Target Audience Clearly. 

Every product has its own target audience. It is easy to create a better product description if you have a clear picture of your target audience that your product is intended to serve. Create a buyer persona to help you achieve this. Ensure that you understand your customers’ pain points and their buying behavior and highlight that in your product description.

  1. The Vocabulary and Language Used Should Resonate with Your Customer.

Every audience has a particular choice of vocabulary and language that they understand better and feel most comfortable with. Simplicity and readability are two of the most crucial aspects here. No visitor wants to spend a lot of time thinking about what the words in your product description mean. A simple, “straight to the point” facts about your products are all they need to understand and make a purchase.

  1. Always Highlight the Key Features of Your Products.

A brief and a short description about what your product does and is all about is preferable, and this leaves you ample room alongside the description to list the key features that your user or prospect should know about.

  1. Include Keywords.

Use the relevant keyword in your product description. They should be meaningful and valuable because Google and other search engines usually scan your content to establish the appropriateness and relevance of your content by keywords. They should mesh naturally in the product description to avoid keyword stuffing. Preferably, have them at the beginning and right at the end of your product description. Make sure that your product description is highly informative with relevant keywords.

Final Take Away

An SEO-optimized product description is a fantastic tool you can use to convert more prospects. Remember the buyer persona, highlight the features and use relevant key words to make a highly effective SEO product description.