How to take advantage of Catalog Sales in Facebook

A catalogue is a collection of information about the products you wish to promote or sell on Facebook and Instagram. Catalogs may be created for a variety of inventory categories, including items (ecommerce), hotels, airlines, destinations, real estate listings, and cars.

Commerce Manager is the platform for creating and managing catalogues.

  • You may add and maintain information about your goods, such as titles, photos, descriptions, pricing, variations, and more, when you build a catalogue. You may upload objects one at a time or in mass.
  • Create sets (for advertisements) or collections (for stores) of goods within your catalogue that you wish to highlight to consumers.
  • Assign rights so that others, such as partners, may contribute to your catalogue.
  • Customers will see the right item information and pricing for their nation or language in your advertisements or store if you upload country & language information.

Instead of building many catalogues, we propose that you utilise one catalogue for all of your goods. This allows you to better manage your merchandise and grow your following. If you want to create Facebook Shops, you’ll only be able to choose one catalogue.

Use catalogue to advertised in a variety of ways

To market your goods, you may leverage your catalogue with a variety of various forms of adverts, such as:

  • Dynamic advertisements: These ads present relevant goods from your catalogue to customers who have expressed an interest in products online. Dynamic advertising link events from the Facebook pixel and otherwise SDK, a chunk of code deployed on business website or app, with goods from your inventory. Discover how to make a dynamic advertisement.
  • Advertisements for collection: A collection ad offers four goods from your inventory under a hero picture or video. People may learn more about an item by clicking on it, or they can look for related goods by clicking on it. Find out how to make a collection ad in this tutorial.
  • Advertisements on the carousel: Carousel is simply an ad type that displays a series of pictures or videos, and each has its own link, for viewers to scroll through. You have the option of dynamically populating the carousel cards with goods from your catalogue. Find out how to make a carousel ad in this tutorial.
  • You may use product tags in your adverts to highlight certain goods in your catalogue. People may learn so much about or purchase an item by clicking on the product tags, which will take them to a product information page. Find out how to make a product-tagging ad.
  • Collaborative advertisements: Collaborative ads enable you to launch direct sales campaigns if your business sells things via a partner merchant. Your merchant partner gives you access to a portion of their inventory so you may run dynamic advertisements.

Use catalogue for selling in different ways

You may also use Facebook and Instagram to link your catalogue to sales channels:

  • Facebook Shops (goods): Shops are a centralised digital marketplace that spans Facebook and Instagram. You have the ability to personalise your store and create highlighted product groupings. Instagram Shopping allows you to tag goods from your catalogue in your Instagram photos and stories. Learn how to make Facebook Shops work for you.
  • Marketplace (automobiles): On Marketplace, you may sell the vehicles to local buyers. Find out more about the Vehicle Marketplace.