Gone are the days of manually answering all customer queries or manually working on data. These manual activities have been replaced by time saving software such as chatbots.

A chatbot is an AI-powered service that you can interact with through your web browser, phone, or other messaging platforms. Chatbots are programmed to understand natural language and provide timely responses to their queries. They give significant benefits over traditional customer service options. These include never getting tired of answering the same questions and they don’t need breaks or sleep. Plus, with chatbots, there’s no need for human resource departments to hire people constantly as the bots “learn” from each query and improve accuracy over time.

With chatbots, you get to enjoy a ’round-the-clock,’ 24/7 customer service availability. You will not miss opportunities to sell your product or resolve customer queries.

A chatbots will also give you the ability to give good customer engagement rate and provide high customer satisfaction. While manually answering customer queries is tiring and consistency is hard to achieve in different platforms, chatbots can do this with ease. Chatbots are ‘even-tempered’ tools that will always respond courteously to your customers without a long wait time or a bad mood.

Multi-tasking and business operations go hand in hand! There is no need to get stressed with manual tasks when tools like Zapier can make your life easier. This automated system will help you to automate tasks that you do more frequently. For example, Zapier will help you send out weekly reminders to your staff about your weekly meetings. Zapier can also help you to create a sequence of emails to request customer testimonials.

In conclusion, businesses seeking to streamline their processes have to embrace the new way of working and give up their time consuming, inconsistent manual activities that do not guarantee productivity or sales. The use of chatbots and automated systems like Zapier will effectively handle ‘manual admin tasks’ for improved productivity and sales. It is about time more businesses incorporate these time-saving tools and automated systems into their operations.

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