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Camelot Golf & Country Club has been using Allea Marketing Solutions for the past 2 years who provided in-depth analysis on marketing strategies and identifying Key Performance Indicators in support of business and marketing goals.

Allea’s expertise in FullStack Lead generation marketing funnels and the optimization of traffic started the golf season for the private member golf club. Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns were developed using a Conversions objective and creatives targetted to the age range of the audience interested in golf.

The Challenge

Teeing Up More Members In Various Membership Levels

The ultimate impact Camelot Golf & Country Club wants to achieve is to fill the maximum target by increasing its member base in most categories of membership types – Regular, Unlimited Intro, Limited +, Limited, Corporate, Family, Spouse, Alumni.

The Solution

Club Awareness and Lead Generation for Member Preview Days

Camelot Golf & Country Club combined forces with the digital marketing agency Allea Marketing Solutions, who grew the golf club’s membership options by generating high-quality traffic and using campaign targets to increase and nurture leads by funnelling them through a specifically designed scheduling marketing funnel.

This was to be done using a careful multi-step plan taking the marketing budget in mind to make potential new customers become aware of the club’s offers and use of various marketing techniques and media to register interested golfers for the club’s annual Member Preview event.

This media mix marketing solution invovled implementing a FullStack Marketing Scheduling Solution using Facebook & Instagram Image and Video Ads, High-Converting Landing Pages, Acuity Scheduling and Retargeting.

Strategic Execution

Facebook Ads Membership Awareness

Allea Marketing delivered a strategic FB Ads membership awareness campaign based on conversions which included targeting various age groups linking the audience to specific golf membership options related to the age of the golfer.

The strategy included conversational marketing, offering the audience the chance from the FB Ad to enter into a direct conversation with the golf club’s communications manager to answer any questions related to the club and golf membership options.

Benefits Driven Converting Landing Page

Customers are no longer triggered only by products or services — in other words, they don’t care about the “solution” you’re trying to sell to them because they already know the solution they’re looking for. They are capable of learning virtually anything thanks to the internet and search engines.

Allea Marketing brings most of Camelot Golf’s leads from FB Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads through a benefit driven landing page designed specifically for trigering a direct response from the lead capting mots of the attention by writing benefit driven headlines followed by sub-headlines and calls to action buttons.

Golf Clinic Scheduling Automation

To further expand on the customer journey through the FullStack Marketing Funnel, Camelot Golf agreed to set up Acuity Scheduling in the navigational flow to capture the interest and intentions of a registered lead for the Golf Clinic and Member Preview Day. This way they could better plan their event and increase the chances of conversion success by knowing the number of people scheduled to come in person at the golf club.

The Result

Over the course of 2 years, the golf club have use the Full Stack Paid Advertising Funnel Service to vastly improve their ability to produce high quality awareness and to generate quality leads. Some of their greatest results included:

  • Put in place a marketing funnel strategy developed to serve as a blueprint and guide to attain the marketing goals and objectives with key performance indicators defined.
  • Build new, maintain and optimize the club’s digital assets and Facebook for custom conversion and lookalike audiences.
  • With an overall ad spend of $3,450, we were able to:
    • help the club achieve their new member goals in 2018
    • 60 leads by mid-season 2019
    • generate over 278,073 impressions ($0.012/per impr.)
    • generate 120+ direct conversations from FB ads to the golf club’s communications manager
    • generate 400+ leads

With $768 in Ad Spend in 23 days

in people reached
more in generated revenue than the ad spend cost
generated leads interested in knowing more about the private golf club and memberships