Tips To Do Marketing Ads in LinkedIn

How to Effectively Have Ads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool for businesses, and one that can boost your company’s presence on the platform. But it doesn’t come without its challenges. To help you get started with LinkedIn Ads, we’ve described LinkedIn’s different ad formats and the tips to ensure you’re successful from day 1 – and not wasting time or money!

Types of LinkedIn Ads

There are several LinkedIn types of ads you can choose from. Here are the three main advert types on LinkedIn:

  1. Sponsored Content

The three different formats available are Single Image, Video, and Carousel. Sponsored ads can be used to drive traffic to your website or web page, build brand awareness, increase engagement with customers, and convert site visitors into leads for the company by using Lead Generation forms.

  1. Sponsored InMail

This advertising format allows you to directly deliver personalized and relevant advertisements into a user’s inbox through an email template that users will pay attention to! You can tailor your promotions specifically for the audience or offer upgrades with just one click. These are best used to promote webinars, drive downloads, generate B2B leads, and directly engage with prospects.

  1. Text Ads

When it comes to advertising with Text Ads, you have two different payment options: pay per click and cost per impression. You either pay each time someone clicks your ad or 1000 people view the post. The great thing about these types of ads is that they drive traffic to a website or landing pages, attract high-quality job candidates and increase B2B leads.

Tips for Success When Using LinkedIn Ads:

  1. Target the Right Audience

LinkedIn has several targeting features that can help you reach the right people online. You start by simply telling LinkedIn more about your customers and then using one or more of its many tools to find potential prospects on their site, based on location, company size, industry type (or even interest).

  1. Retarget your Ads

    Retargeted ad campaigns really work, with an eye-opening tenfold increase in click-through rates! They are 70% more likely to convert and have ten times higher CTR on average.

  2. Keep the Content Short and Precise

Unfortunately, attention spans are shorter these days. Keep your audience engaged with the required character word count per type of ad. Adverts with fewer characters attracted much higher engagement than longer texts. For video advertising, 30 seconds or less attract a 200% completion rate than longer videos.

  1. Capture Attention Is With a Standout Statistic Or Quote

Research shows that adverts that have statistics had a 37%t higher CTR and 162% more impressions. Also, advertisements with quotes outperformed statistics with a 30% higher CTR. This is because people relate better to numbers and quotes than plain texts, so use them.

  1. Choose Clear Call to Actions (CTA)

Direct people to CTA’s that are compatible with your advertising objective. They should also be in simple and direct language. Examples include Join, Download, Confirm, Reserve, Register.

  1. Make Sure Your Ads Look Professional before Publishing

With LinkedIn adverts, it’s important that you create clean and error-free copy. No spelling mistakes or grammatical errors allowed! It also helps if visuals are clear and look authentic to help people to understand what they’re seeing before clicking on something. Finally, do all the research beforehand so when you go live with your campaign, everything will be clear for those who want more information about it.

  1. Test Your Ads

To increase your chances of success, you must test your ads before launching them to the public. You want to put out only the best copy of your advert. To do this, run an A/B test on LinkedIn by showing two different versions of a sponsored post for people in similar demographics and seeing which one generates more clicks, leads and engagement.

LinkedIn Ads is a great platform to advertise your products to a wide variety of people. For best results, create tailor-made video advertisements with the marketing objective in mind. Also, ensure to personalize your adverts to a very targeted audience, so as to connect better with only those interested and increase your Return On Investment. You’ll soon find your business connecting much easier with the individuals or companies looking for something like yours!