Marketing with Snap Chat to Reach a Younger Audience

Snapchat was founded in 2011 and is a widely known multimedia networking app that has 332 million users monthly. Users fell in love with this app because it allows them to connect with friends by sending pictures and videos known as “snaps.”
If you’re business audience is young people, consider using Snap Chat. Keep reading how your business take advantage of this platform.

Brands using Snapchat

  • It is a dating app and the most famous brand that uses Snapchat to reach its target younger audience. The brand uses Snapchat as a channel to share women’s real-life relationship stories.
  • It is a fashion brand with roots in 224 countries, reaching over 43 million Snapchat users. They create short videos that they use to advertise their new products with links that enable users to browse or purchase directly from the app.

How to Create Engaging Content on Snapchat to Reach Younger People.

  1. Keep it unique.

Come up with your brand’s objectives and determine how you can achieve them. Keep yourself updated on the most common questions people ask and the problems they usually encounter. Create content that addresses these problems and adds value to their life.

  1. Never use the same content as in other networking apps.

It would help if you differentiated Snapchat from other apps. People who use Snapchat are different from those who use Instagram. Be creative. Learn and understand your audience. Who are they? What do they want? How can you get them to stay on your platform?

  1. Be authentic and fun.

People don’t like watching stuffy videos. Mix your content with interactive and funny experiences, like behind-the-scenes content. With a bit of fun, users will take your channel seriously and appreciate it.

  1. Use Ads.

Snapchat offers different ad formats for marketing to its users. It might not be famous in the ads, but it’s always fine to take the risk.

  1. Use AR technologies.

70% of Snapchat users use augmented reality monthly because they find it fun and engaging. Less than 250 million AR snaps are shared daily, with a 30 % engagement from users using AR for at least three minutes daily. Use AR to take your brand to the next level.

Final Takeaway

Snapchat is more than just a social app. Take advantage of its features like the Snapchat Ads and AR technologies and reach your target audience effectively!