How to Win the Game of Social Media in 2017

Since the first social media (Six Degrees) launched in 1997, it has passed two decades.

From a way to connect with friends and family, now Social Media has become the most powerful marketing tool in the world. This means that it has become also a very complicated game to play and winning needs a lot of strategies and very carefully executed plans. It is hard but not impossible and with below strategies, you can be the king of Social media. Since everyone loves Game of Thrones fans, we will use the analogy between the “Game of Social Media” and “Game of Thrones” to better illustrate the keys tactics that will give  you success.

1. Have a Detailed Strategy & Plan

Never start a game without a strategy in mind and never play it without a careful plan. But what makes the Social Media Strategy great and gives you good chances to win? The Story! Social Media is all about content and interaction, and none of this can be any good if they are not part of a story you want to tell and share with the audience. Carefully decide which will be your story and find a way to tell it everyday chapter by chapter. In this way, the audience will not only follow and like your posts, but they engage and become loyal.

Game of Thrones fans, remember how each of the players is now carefully working on their strategy and are carefully planning based on their Story so Far. This not only keeps their followers loyal but is helping them to get alleys, the huge importance of which we will touch again in the third point.

2. Have a Hand

Nobody can do everything alone and especially in the Social Media Game. A new social media pops up every year, the rules change every month and the amount of content needed is becoming endless. If you decide to do everything yourself you will only find yourself frustrated and overwhelmed with only one ending result: Failure. You need helping hands and if you are smart enough find a “Hand of King”, a person or a company that will be in charge to help you in telling the story, creating the strategy and executing the plan. Luckily for you, in 2018 is easier than ever to find your Hand. There are thousands of companies and experts specialized in Social Media that you can easily contract to be your “Hand of King”.

And for the Game of Thrones fans, we guess the analogy was obvious, we used the term that became famous from these series and where you can understand better than anywhere else the importance and crucial role of the Hand.

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3. Don’t Play Alone – Make Alleys

This as true as in anything else in life. If you fight a battle or play a game alone, you will have zero chances to survive. You need alleys or as they are called in the Social Media Game: Collaborators. Don’t see you competitors as your enemies or as someone you need to fight, but try to make them alleys so you can help each other, benefit from the audiences each already has to increase your exposure and make collaborations that will help you expand and grow.

Just like everybody does in Game of Thrones where they all know that the one who will win the game will be the one with the better alleys. It doesn’t matter which alleys you pick, each one is great as long as you don’t play the Game of Social Media alone.