Content Marketing

Content marketing is an excellent way to promote your business and attract customers. However, it can be difficult for business owners to know if their content marketing strategy is working.  Here are some metrics to use and to determine whether or not your content marketing strategy successful.

  • Social engagements
  • Bounce rates
  • Impressions and click through rates
  • Keyword SEO ranking traffic
  • Page views
  • Lead generation.

Traffic to the content may be the standard measures of a content marketing strategy. However, looking at the traffic alone cannot give you the accurate picture. It is so because you may have significant traffic visiting your website, but if it’s not targeted or engaged, your business won’t make gains.

This article will provide insight into the metrics that matter most for measuring success of your content marketing campaign. Ready? Let’s dig in!

  1. Social Media Engagements

After developing content for your page, you generally expect to receive engagements from people on social media. Engagements can be in the form of queries, comments, shares, or gaining more followers. This engagement should increase over time. If your content is not generating such engagements, there could be something wrong. Therefore, get back to the drawing board and make the necessary changes to your content for the strategy to be more effective.

2. Bounce Rates

Looking at the bouncing rates may seem discouraging, but it provides information on the performance of your content marketing strategy. Bounce rate normally measures the number of visitors who visit your page before navigating away. It can help you tell the number of people who are engaged by your content. A high bounce rate should raise concern, for it means that people are viewing that page then clicking away. There’s a higher probability that people are not getting clear information on your page, so you need to adjust the content.


  1. Pageviews 

Pageviews are an essential element of site analytics reporting. Pageviews can help you tell if people are finding your content through searches, social media shares, or backlinks. If people are not viewing your content, it means that your marketing strategy is not working. An effective marketing strategy drives more people to your page and increases the viewership of your content. You can increase your page visits through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and growing your social media followers.

  1. Impressions and Click-Through Rates (CTR)

Another method of measuring your content marketing strategy is tracking impressions and CTRs through Google Search Console. It can help you determine whether the keywords of your content are ranking to translate into impressions and clicks in organic search.
High numbers of impressions and CTR indicate that your content marketing strategy is working, while lower ones tell you that you need to change your approach.

  1. Number Of Leads Generated by Your Content

This is the number of leads that your content generates tells the effectiveness of the content. To measure these leads, you need to start by setting goals in analytics. Some of the lead generation opportunities you can use are contact us submissions, demo requests, and asset downloads. The number of conversions and leads generated by the content can be determined from the analytics. If more leads of high quality were generated the strategy is successful and the reverse is true.


  1. The Ranking of Your Keywords

Content that incorporates keywords with a higher SEO ranking is more effective. Google displays pages with keywords of higher SEO ranking first. For your content marketing strategy to work out, it should support the overall SEO strategy. The keywords in content should be relevant to your brand or service to have a higher SEO. If your keywords drop in ranking, then you need to make adjustments to the content.


  1. Newsletter Subscribers

The number of subscribers to your newsletters can help you tell how your content is performing. People will subscribe to your newsletters if your content is of excellent quality. If your content is somewhat confusing or has unclear information, fewer people will show interest. Quality content delivers the necessary message to readers without being too self-promotional.


In conclusion, content marketing can grow your business to higher levels if it’s done effectively. Measuring the effectiveness of a strategy saves you from expensive losses. You now have all you need to determine the effectiveness of your content strategy. Get started today!