Facebook Pixel – How to Not Miss Out on New Customers


The Facebook Pixel is a “piece of code” that you place on your website to help you track Facebook ad conversions. It is also effective in helping you to retarget prospects that have previously displayed an interest in your products or interacted with your website. Facebook Pixel can help you advertise more effectively by ensuring that the most relevant ads are shown to your customers.

How Does Facebook Pixel Work?

The Facebook Pixel will “launch” a cookie that tracks every user visiting your website. Even if they leave your website, you can reach them later in a process called retargeting. After re-advertising to prospects who had previously visited your website, you can start tracking their behavior as soon as they return to your website. You will be able to establish your most effective ads and improve on them.

Some ways that Facebook Pixels can help to bring more customers on board include:

  1. Measuring Cross-Device Conversions

The Facebook Pixel helps you track a prospect irrespective of which device they use- mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. Therefore, the pixel will be able to track a potential client that comes across your product’s ad while browsing through their mobile phone but does not but. It also records that the same visitor later bought the product from their laptop instead. This is important data to use for advertising channels.

  1. It Allows You to Launch Your Ad on Instagram Too.

With Facebook ads, install the Facebook Pixel on your website, collect data about your website visitors, and then finally launch your ads on Facebook. You can also use the Facebook Pixel on Instagram as well. You have to place the Facebook Pixel on your website, allow it to track your website visitors, and then launch your ad on Instagram.

  1. It Helps You to Create Lookalike Audiences.

With a pixel you can create an identical audience to those who visit your website. This helps to improve conversions.

  1. It Can Help to Motivate a Complete Purchase

A pixel will help you target the customers who have added products to their shopping carts but abandoned them. This increases the likelihood of completed purchases.

Final Take Away

For your ads to be successful, leveraging a Facebook Pixel is essential. It helps you monitor conversions from Facebook ads, optimize these ads, and deliver relevant ads to your prospects. Try it today!