Facebook Marketing

Boosting a FB post vs. Facebook Ad Campaign

Which Facebook Marketing is best for your business?

You would have to have been hiding under a rock for the last 10 years not to realize that Facebook marketing is a crucial component of any digital marketing strategy. With over 2.5 billion people using Facebook a month, you have an abundant amount of serious market reach.

But what might not be so obvious is the type of Facebook marketing strategy that is best for your business. Essentially, what is the difference between a boosted post and an ad campaign?

We are going to help you figure out what is what, and which one is best for your Facebook marketing goals and budget.

What is Boosting a Facebook Post?

A boosted post is a regular blog post you have written. You put a few dollars behind it to show up as a Facebook Ad for a specified audience in the Facebook and Instagram news feed.

They are easy because you don’t have to create anything new. To run a campaign, select a post that has already been created. Pick a target audience, choose a budget, then define the length of time you want to run the campaign. Finished!

The downside is, a boosted post has limited optimization. This type of Facebook marketing can only include page likes, comments, shares, and overall brand awareness.

What is a Facebook Ad?

Facebook Ads are more sophisticated than boosted posts. They are created through the Facebook Ads Manager page. These types of ads can be optimized for website conversion, video views, shop orders, and more. They can also be targeted towards a particular audience.

So, where should you invest your marketing dollars – into boosting or creating Facebook Ads? To decide, let’s look at some of the differentiators.

Key differentiators

Let’s be clear, boosting is not advertising.

You can improve your post’s reach with boosting, but the improvement is superficial. Custom audience selection is out. You’re limited based on behavior, interest, demographics, and geography. If you solely want to build brand awareness and increase engagement on your Facebook page, then spending your money on boosting posts may be right for you.

However, if you’re looking beyond basic identifiers and want more for your dollar, you’ll want to take a closer look at Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads give you the capacity to target potential leads precisely, using custom audiences.  You can also pick an objective and maximize it – awareness, reach, traffic, engagement conversions, and more.

Installing a Facebook Pixel will allow you to do this cost-effectively and precisely. But it isn’t essential. A Facebook pixel is a code that is placed on your website. It tracks conversions from ads, optimizes ads, builds targeted audiences for future ads, and remarkets to consumers who’ve previously taken some kind of action on your website.

Other benefits of Facebook Ads

Aside from being able to improve your targeting, there are more things that Facebook Ads can offer that boosting can’t.

Placement options

Boosted posts have limitations on where the post will show up, but you can choose exactly where your Facebook Ads are shown. However, if you don’t make this decision, Facebook can automatically place your ads where they’re likely to be most effective.


With boosted posts, you don’t get the opportunity to decide what times of the day it’s shown. But with Facebook Ads, you get the chance to ‘Ad Schedule.’ This allows you to turn your ads off and on automatically throughout the week on a recurring schedule that suits your marketing needs.

Creative Control

Yes, you can be creative with your boosted posts.  But with Facebook Ads, you have the capabilities to create carousel ads, use call-to-action-buttons, and much more.

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Boosted posts have limited targeting options. However, Facebook Ads allow you to target precisely. Reaching a custom audience to maximize awareness, increase reach, traffic, engagement, and conversion objectives.

Takeaway on Facebook marketing

When you are considering boosting your current Facebook posts or creating Facebook Ads, choosing the right one will depend on your end goal.

Are you simply wishing to increase engagement or develop brand awareness? Boosting posts may be the appropriate solution for you.

Are you looking for a precise Facebook marketing to maximize your campaign objectives, learn about your audience, nurture leads, drive conversions, or even build a mega-following? Then Facebook Ads are the way to go.

Facebook ads are easy to start, but you will quickly understand they are one of the most unappreciated and underutilized tools in marketing. It has the potential to be a robust growth and revenue driver.

If you think you are missing out on how to maximize your Facebook posts and Ads, let’s review your strategy. Schedule a call at Allea Marketing and let us do the heavy lifting. We can show you the potential of Facebook Ad creation and its laser-focused targeting to get the results you need.