5 Ways To Make Sure Your Business Is Ready for the Holiday Seasons

Would you like to grow your business and increase your online reach? You’re just in time to put these marketing holiday tips in motion toget more customers this season.

The holiday season is coming up!

Marketing Holiday Tip #1 – Plan ahead

When it comes to marketing on the holidays or marketing in general, planning is crucial. Creating last-minute campaigns can be stressful, and you will be more likely to make mistakes. So, before the holidays, take some time to develop your marketing strategy for the season.

Along with your strategy, make sure you:

  • Update your info online (e.g., review your Facebook page, website info, opening and closing hours, etc.)
  • Refresh your website’s content
  • Add pre-scheduled holiday posts and promotions (perhaps create a content calendar to help you plan ahead.)

Marketing Holiday Tip #2 – Attract customers

During the holidays, customers are looking for products and are more likely to make purchases. You need to make sure when they search for your product, they find you.

To attract even more customers, leverage your organic reach on social media and create ads on Facebook and other social platforms if you have the budget.

To get more customers, you can also:

  • Create holiday promotions and flash sales
  • Promote your brand and products on social media
  • Partner up with other businesses, so you tap into their audience and vice-versa
  • Deliver even more content to your audience through:
    • Email lists
    • Blog posts
    • YouTube videos
    • Social media posts
    • Podcasts

Marketing Holiday Tip #3 – Holiday events

A fantastic way to bring awareness to your business and kick-off the holiday season is to host an event. You can create a networking event, have guests, and announce a special holiday sale.

On a low-budget, you can create an online event or invite your audience to watch your live streaming. Flash sales can be particularly effective in live video. Also, live videos can help you increase interaction with your audience and establish a deeper connection with them.

Marketing Holiday Tip #4 – Deliver an amazing experience and reward loyal customers

Customer experience can drive your business to incredible success or complete failure. During the holidays, due to higher demand, some companies might fall short on their delivery. So be sure to consider this tip when you develop your marketing holiday strategy.

When you make an effort to over deliver to your customers and WOW them with a fantastic experience, they are much more likely to purchase again and to promote your business for you.

The holidays are the perfect moment to reward loyal customers. Send them a custom gift or something special. Most likely, they will show their friends, and you could potentially get new customers.

Marketing Holiday Tip #5 – Embrace the holiday spirit

Add to your holiday plan a strategy to give back to the community. You could raise money for a cause, donate a percentage of your profits during the season, or even create a fundraiser on your Facebook page.

Helping a cause is the best example of a win-win situation because you get to support a foundation you believe in and it’s great PR for your business.

There’s still time to prepare for the holiday season. The most important thing is to be present and available to your customers and potential customers. Reply messages, comments, emails and create engagement.

Are you ready to get started? Awesome!

But before you go, we would love to hear your great holiday tips if you have any! Comment in the section below, what has been your most successful (or not so much) business marketing experience for past holiday seasons?