RONA Lalonde Home Improvement Retail Store

Increasing Local Awareness and Reach With Allea Social Media Management Solutions

RONA Lalonde Home Improvement Retail Store

In working with Allea Marketing Solutions, Rona Lalonde established a unified communication design and strategy to their Facebook Page, Posts and Boost to both increase local awareness and reach and engagement with people living in a certain radius of their store location.

Within a 7 month period and an average of $100/month in ad spend

difference in page likes, a 65% increase!
impressions with 12,135 people reached
of direct page post engagement for direct conversation and sales opportunities


An Important Partner For All Home Improvement Projects

Rona Lalonde, in business since 1916, recently welcomed its 4th generation of family members as company management. We are a major lumber and hardware supplier in East Ottawa and the surrounding regions and are committed to our customers and their projects.

Since 2006, J. Lalonde & Fils has been affiliated with the RONA Group, a Canadian leader in the hardware and lumber industry. This affiliation gives our customers access to RONA’s extensive private product line and allows us to offer you even more competitive prices.

A dynamic team of employees with deep expertise in their fields gives Rona Lalonde the opportunity to offer professional, personalized service and assist their customers with their buying decisions.

Social Media Management for RONA Lalonde Home Improvement Retail Store


Increase Facebook Engagement

With a Facebook Page Like count plateauing at around 600 and seeing other competitors in approximately 8,000, Rona Lalonde set their goals to increase their social media proof and build upon their current authority in the home improvement retail space.


Teaming Up With the Pros

Rona Lalonde called upon the marketing team at Allea Marketing, a digital design, lead generation and ad agency, to strategize how best to increase likes, post quality and position them for advanced marketing in the future.

Allea Marketing has proposed a step-by-step social media plan involving using a common design in post images, post schedule, and calls to action with engagement strategies such as giveaways, prizes and contests.

High Engagement Social Media Posts for RONA Lalonde Home Improvement Retail Store

Engagement Through Giveaways

Allea Marketing set the plan in motion by creating high engagement posts with various posts about the store’s seasonal promotions with engaging copy and visuals taking into account the store’s branding guidelines.

Using contests and giveaways into a mix of posts on a monthly basis, Rona Lalonde was successful in reaching a higher audience both organically and using the sponsored post features.  It provided Facebook with lots of activity from people making the post stay relevant in people’s feeds all the time.

With a budget of only $50 running for 10 days, we generated 398 reactions of shares and comments along with 263 post engagement clicks!

Boost It Up

Staying on top of social media is super critical for organizations who want to use social media platforms.  With Facebook algorithm changes, it is extremely important to produce high quality engaging content in order to be seen in people’s news feed.  Combining high quality engaging content with a boost strategy brings your game plan to another level.

Allea Marketing expertise in local awareness and laser targeting an audience based on Facebook interests provide the edge any organization requires to stay on top.

Rona Lalonde is certainly benefiting from these strategies, with a contest boosted post that generated a reach of over 16,874 people with over 1,174 reactions to comments and shares and 1,225 post engagement clicks!

Social Media and Facebook Post Boosting and Targeting for RONA Lalonde Home Improvement Retail Store
Revenue Generation through Social Media posts for RONA Lalonde Home Improvement Retail Store

Who Said Social Media Posts Can’t Generate Revenue?

Faced with an extra inventory of paint gallons, Rona Lalonde decided to post a Mega Clearance Sale to their Facebook Page and with a $7 budget they were successful in selling off all of their paint gallons!

Over 100 of them!  Now that’s a ROI!


Home Supply For Everyone

Rona Lalonde had a successful debut launching their new social media post strategies on Facebook which increased their social media presence and autority in the home improvement space which resulted in great numbers.

  • 2005 Total Page Likes (a 65% increase from 7 months ago)
  • 36,050 impressions
  • 12,135 people reached
  • 2070 page post engagements
  • 6.29% CTR (All)