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Your time and date are locked in for you and my team.

Please Note:

We just wanted to make you aware of one of the painful mistakes a lot of business owners make is that they forget to actually show up for that call.

Listen, we are business owners ourselves and we know that we get busy.  We know that things happen.  We know that sometimes our schedules can be thrown for a loop and we sometimes wake up in the morning with 10 fires to put out.

We get it and sometimes we have to set aside time for what’s important and set aside what’s urgent in order to do what’s important in creating a long term marketing plan for your business is important.

As we said before, we only work with people that are serious.  If for any reason the call is missed, we will not reschedule the call unless you give us 24 hours heads up.   If it’s less than 24 hours cancellation, we will not schedule another phone call and I could not be more up front about that.

We are sure that when we get on our call you want me to respect your time because you’re busy.   We are just asking for the same respect of our time.

We look forward to seeing you on the call and how we can be of service to help your business reach your goals.

Thank you for your understanding,