Use Chatbots to Save Your Leads to Google Sheet for Further Nurturing

Are you looking for a way to save your leads so you can follow up with them later? If so, consider using chatbots to transfer your leads to a Google Sheet. You can later retrieve this data from a specific row in the Google sheet when its need arises.

Ensure that you configure the right attributes before integrating Chatbot and Google Spreadsheets. Remember to name the attributes according to the content to avoid confusion when assigning the attributes to spreadsheet columns. Here is how to start the integration:

  1. Open your Chatbot and locate the interaction box. The right part of your Chatbot screen has the ‘Tab menu.’ Under which you need to choose the option written ‘automation.’ Click on the ‘create automations’ button, and a pop-up will appear showing “Google Sheets” you need to click the exact point where you would like to export your leads in this spreadsheet template. 
  2. When the “Google sheets” pop-up opens, you need to choose one of these two options:
    a). Insert a new row- this interaction requires you to fill the sheet with chosen user attributes.
    b). Get row by value- the interaction requires you to choose one row from an already filled spreadsheet and replace the current user attributes with those in the sheet row.
  3. Use your Chatbot to introduce a row to your Google sheet- when you have chosen the “insert a row” icon, you have to select a Google account in the location of your spreadsheet. If you have already connected your account, that option will be available, and you have to click on the r button with a radio adjacent to the email address. If your account is not connected, the automation will link you to Google, and you have to choose the Google account logged on your computer. 
  4. Create a new spreadsheet when you have linked your Chatbot to your Google account- add columns to the spreadsheet depending on the number of attributes of the leads you have. 
  5. Lastly, choose the name of the spreadsheet and worksheet that you just created and assign the sheet columns to the attributes on your Chatbot. There will be a drop-down menu from the spreadsheet and worksheet where you can select the attributes in every Google sheet column. Once you finish adding the values, click the “save” button.

At this point, the automation export is active, and all the lead attributes will be exported from your bot to the Google sheet, and they will be placed in a new sheet raw, each attribute in the desired column. From this sheet, you will be able to retrieve your leads in current or future conversations.


When you follow these steps, you will be able to link your Chatbot to a Google spreadsheet for future nurturing. Use these steps, and you will be good to go!