Optimizing Your Hiring Leads


Every HR professional usually desires a good hiring process that gives them high-quality candidates. However, this is easier said than done! When not done right, the recruiting process can be very costly in terms of money and time. Therefore, recruiters need to develop strategies that help them to get the best leads for their job openings in a cheaper and faster way. Here are strategies you can leverage to optimize your hiring leads!

  • Establish Your Best Source of Hires.

You should consistently monitor your hiring sources’ metrics to discover which give you the best leads. This helps you avoid wasting your hiring budget on sources that produce low-quality leads. Sources include social media platforms, referral programs, and job boards. Identify the one that gives you your best leads and invest in this source.

  • Have A Short Hiring Process.

The hiring process usually involves different phases. Some take longer than others. A best practice for optimizing your hiring leads is to ensure your hiring process is fairly short. Office Vibe estimates that high-quality job leads will only remain available for about 10 days before getting hired. Fine-tuning your hiring process is crucial. Use automation in email messaging the candidates, resume screening, to make the process faster. It also helps you spend less time and money hiring high-quality candidates the first time.

  • Popularize And Promote Your Employee Referral Program Aggressively.

These programs are very effective channels that lead you to the best talent in the market. This is because no one knows your organization and its culture, more than your staff. It therefore becomes easier and faster for them to recommend potential, high-quality leads for the job vacancies in the organization. You can go further and attach rewards and incentives to these programs to motivate your staff to help you source the top job leads faster.

  • Test your job leads thoroughly.

Optimizing your hiring leads should motivate you to go beyond the usual interviews and screening of resumes and include tests. This is because interviews and resumes are not sufficient indicators of the capabilities of your potential hires. Consider using aptitude and psychometric tests to evaluate candidate competency. Interview Mocha can easily help you use such tests on potential hires!


Optimizing your hiring leads gives you a better pool of talent to work with and helps boost the candidate experience. Use the above tips to optimize your hiring leads effectively!