How to Be Creative with Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are a prime example of how marketers can creatively advertise to their target market. This type of advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach people who are on the move, like in their cars. With drivers spending an average of 3 hours each day driving, digital billboards are best because drivers have plenty of time to see your ads!

Digital billboards are also found in malls, in stores and in high traffic places. Marketers can use a variety of different brand images and messages. Examples include scrolling text or video clips, to capture attention and make your prospective customer want to stop at your business instead.

Another benefit of billboard is the ability to be seen by millions of potential customers. By correctly choosing a location, they can be seen by drivers going down major roads across the country or be seen by walkers on busy streets every single day!

In this article we shall explore how to leverage creativity in coming up with the billboard advertisements that convert.

Creative Tips That Make Your Billboard Stand Out


  1. Use a Bold Sans Serif Font

This font has a modern and sleek appeal that makes it a popular feature on many billboards. It is a very easy font to read even from a distance and is thus commonly used for headlines. When made large and with considerably higher contrast levels, this font ensures all the people driving by and passing near the billboard can easily read the message at first glance. e.g., Volkswagen is a huge fan of using this font in their billboards.

  1. White Text On A Vibrant Background

This combination brings out a sharp colour contrast. This is especially very important in grabbing a reader’s attention. It is a normal tendency for people to be drawn towards colourful writings that are very pleasing to the eye. Therefore, such a display will not go unnoticed.

  1. Use “Catchy” Images That Cover The Full Height of The Billboard

Human beings are visual creatures, and therefore they tend to remember images even more than they could recall words. Use images to effectively communicate what your text misses out on. This is because an image offers a better way of communicating the message.

  1. Your Message Should Be Clear At First Sight

Oftentimes, people lack time to stop, stand still and read what your billboards say. Therefore the message contained in your billboard advertisement should be easily understood as soon as a person reads the words. The message should be understandable within 3-5 seconds of a glance.

  1. It Should Be Contextually Relevant

Less is more. Be as brief as possible. In most cases, this will go a long way in communicating only the most relevant bits that you want your target audience to see. Desist from using a lot of unnecessary text that will derail you from the main subject matter. After all, it is a billboard, not a novel. It has been widely suggested that seven words or less can work just fine.

  1. It Is Wise To Personalize And Localize Your Message

As a marketing strategy, personalization can increase the rate of engagement with your target audience. With the right choice of personalized words and images, a connection can be struck with your target audience. Therefore research to find out what your target market cares about and use them to relate better with the messages on the billboard. Examples include a favourite drink or a favourite activity like Soccer or baking.
Why Have Billboards Become A Popular Choice For Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising?

Digital signage and billboards can reach many people and they offer a platform that can creatively be used to reach a bigger audience. From billboards using Augmented Reality to leveraging 3D technologies, The billboard advertising game has left no stone unturned! These have enabled digital billboards to be very impactful.

In conclusion, digital billboards today have mastered the art of using Artificial Intelligence technology and big data analytics to convey the information that popular brands want to convey. Some brands have leveraged the awesome features of Augmented Reality to come up with billboards that are so hard to ignore. For any brand that wishes to dominate the billboard advertising game, use the above tips as pointers to stay ahead of your competitors!