A Case Study- How We Generated 326 Leads in 30 Days


A case study of NewRoads Automotive shows how we were able to skyrocket its lead generation process to 326 leads in 30days! The marketing strategy used was with Facebook’s social media platform. In this article, we shall reveal how we were able to achieve this large number of leads at less than $5 each. Let’s find out how!

What Was Available:

A Good Digital Marketing Infrastructure.

NewRoads Automotive had a working website that had listings of their vehicles. They also had active social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

There was a challenge in connecting their Facebook page to the website. This was resolved by working closely with their web developers to rectify the technical issues with Facebook events.

NewRoads Automotive revamped their monthly advertising budget because the trail run had given impressive results. They were able to reach very many people within a short period.
With the new advertising budget, we developed a more optimized advertisement that would meet their lead generation strategy. They therefore centered the advertisement around brand awareness and lead generation.

The Results
By posting an advertisement to boost brand awareness and increase lead generation efforts, the results were great and NewRoads could not have been happier!
The 30 day campaign resulted in:

326 delivered leads at just $4.55  per lead
700% Return On Investment
850,000 impressions with only $450

Lessons Learnt:

  1. They provide a wide market for your goods or services because of the large number of visitors on these platforms.
  2. By targeting your unique audience by location and other parameters, it’s possible to align the products and services offered towards meeting the target market’s needs.
  3. Social media platforms allow your business to connect with your customers from wherever part of the world they are. You can reach a big audience using social media.
  4. With social media advertising as a marketing strategy, brand awareness is assured as seen with the large number of impressions made. Current and past customers can also help in advocating for your advertisement by sharing the advert or recommending the services to their close family and friends.

Final Take Away

Your business can also enjoy a large number of leads and a great ROI by using the marketing expertise at Allea Solutions. With a very affordable advertising budget, we can optimize your advert to reach a wider target audience and reach your sales goals. Contact us today for what we can do for you.