What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation uses software and strategy to market on multiple channels along with automating repetitive activities.

This enables companies to rationalize, automate and assess marketing tasks and workflows to improve efficiency and increase returns.

The technology of marketing automation makes all these tasks more manageable and less resistant to human mistake. They are used in ad campaigns and lead generation, social media posting and email marketing.

This process isn’t just done for the sake of efficiency. It can also be used to provide a more personalized experience for the customer. With good marketing automation, it’s easier to nurture leads to produce paying customers.

But it shouldn’t stop after the customer has converted. Excellent marketing automation strategies should play a pivotal role in your relationship and nurturing of the customer well after making the initial purchase.

If you don’t have marketing automation, you are just speculating and hoping people will purchase your products. People don’t want to do that.

They want options and solutions when they are ready to make a move.

With a well-structured marketing automation plan, you can make that a reality. Marketing automation isn’t something you will do in the future; it’s a must-have technology to survive.

Common Problems Solved by Marketing Automation

Today, many marketers are overburdened and finding it challenging to track engagement and chase unqualified leads.

Automation can help scale programs, deliver more personalized communications and measure effectiveness.

Do more with less

Today, many marketers feel an intense burden to do more with fewer resources. They must create more leads, expand revenue and sign off on deals quicker.

Marketing automation frees up marketers’ hectic schedules with automated repetitive tasks to focus on more strategic work. It allows the software to do the mundane and time-consuming tasks of managing leads.

Track and Optimize User Engagement

Marketing automation facilitates the capture, tracking, and management of leads coming into the funnel. This will enable you to create, manage and automate marketing activities and conversations, so the right content goes to the targeted individual on the most appropriate platform. This improves your reach and engagement.

Marketing Automation Stops the leak from the sales funnel

Generating high-quality leads is a significant challenge for most businesses. Dealing with those leads if they aren’t converting is downright frustrating – but there is a solution. Marketing automation facilitates the nurturing of prospects with pertinent and valuable information across several channels and platforms, so when they are ready to purchase, they come to you first.

Qualify Leads

There’s no need to get leads at the top of the sales funnel if it isn’t a good fit for the business and there is no possibility of converting to a sale. A good marketing automation program with analytics, lead nurturing, and lead scoring capabilities helps you understand your prospects so you can customize each journey from the first touchpoint to the sale and beyond.

Marketing Automation Kills Inefficiencies

By automating specific manual workflows, staff are available to concentrate on further strategic work to develop processes and innovation to improve the balance sheet’s bottom line. Automating email marketing and mobile communication makes delivering targeted messages quick and straightforward.

It sounds like you will have to do a lot of work, right?

Let Allea Marketing design the perfect marketing automation for you.

We will do some exploration to understand your business and audience to generate quality traffic. Then we design and implement the right traffic generators such as Facebook, Instagram and Google with highly optimized ads and retargeting campaigns. This leads to the automation process to convert your traffic into leads and send them into an individualized lead nurturing process through highly optimized and automated email sequences and chatbot technology.

All you have to worry about is delivering on the solution the customers are looking for!