Google Site Kit – Know Where You Are

If you run a WordPress website, there is a high likelihood you use at least one, if not more, of Google’s many services. But have you ever wondered if you could integrate all the separate functional tools that give you insights into different aspects of your business and website? Giving you actionable insights on one easy to use platform.

Well, Google has released Google Site Kit WordPress Plugin, and it definitely delivers.

What is Google Site Kit?

It is a free WordPress plugin that lets you integrate different Google services. It helps you analyze your WordPress sites performance by connecting to the below six Google services. For most of the services, you can view the data from inside your WordPress dashboard.

Analytics – this shows you how users interact with your website, what’s their usage behavior, where you are getting traffic from. It also allows you to track different goals.

Search Console – allows you to analyze which keywords people use to find your website, which, if used correctly, can help improve your search engine rankings. It also can fix different bugs and errors.

AdSense – tracks all your paid advertisement campaigns and gives you insights to improve their performance.

PageSpeed Insights – checks your website’s loading speeds on both desktop and mobile devices and gives suggestions to reduce load time.

Tag Manager – this helps you track different marketing tags on your website. However, requires coding to implement and monitor those tags. You can not see this data in your dashboard. You will need to use the external website to create/manage the tags.

Optimize – this allows you to conduct experiments on your site by A/B testing different pages for improving conversions. You can not see this data in your dashboard. You will need to use the external website to create/manage the A/B tests.

What Can Google Site Kit Plugin Do For You?

Using the plugin, you can get data about your visitors, how they use your website, and find your site on the web. This will enhance your ability to generate leads and convert more leads.

By combining different Google services, you can view this information on a single dashboard. Some of the reports you can get through this plugin include:

Search Funnel Report

The search funnel report by Google Site Kit shows the impressions and clicks your website got over a specified time. It merges data from Google Analytics and Search Console to present the report.

This report helps you to see how many people viewed your website, the number of unique visitors, and how many clicks you got. It also can show how many pre-determined goals were completed.

Popularity Report

If you wonder what search terms people use to find your website, this is the report you need to get. It gives you the highest search queries for your site. This allows you to analyze which keywords are ranking on the first page of Google. This data helps you to improve your search rankings. Putting you up with the most popular.

The Popularity Report in Google Site Kit also shows the most popular content on your website. It displays pages that get the most traffic, including the top search term that’s associated with the page. This is like a superpower to 10X your SEO elsewhere on your site.

Speed Report

This report can help you improve your website’s loading speeds. It integrates the Google PageSpeed Insights tool, so you can view its performance on desktop and mobile devices from your dashboard.

A score is assigned to indicate the speed of your website. This data is incredibly valuable for your developers. It gives them tangible ways to increase the load time of your website. This directly affects the amount of time people speed on your site and the bounce rate.

AdSense Report

If you’re using AdSense to monetize your website, then this report is vital for you. It provides you an indication of your site’s overall Google AdSense performance.

It will show your estimated earnings for today, yesterday, this month and last month. You can also view your ad impressions and top-earning pages.

Essentially, Site Kit provides you with data for a quick summary to keep track of your site’s performance and invaluable insights into how you can improve your marketing tactics to get more converted leads. 

So what are the best features and benefits of Site Kit?

  • It combines many popular Google products into one interface in your WordPress dashboard. 
  • It’s also very convenient to be able to view unified stats without leaving WordPress. 
  • You can quickly assess performance for different pages on your site.
  • It is 100% free, open-source, and officially supported by Google.

Overall, the Google Site Kit WordPress plugin is a great new option for WordPress sites. However, it isn’t always a code-free setup process. That means to have it working at it’s optimum, you will need to apply source code. That is where Allea Marketing can help.

Do you want to make business and marketing decisions like a pro without the hassle? 

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