Create a chatbot

How to create a chatbot quickly and easily

You’ve probably heard about how useful chatbots are for business. The thing is, if you’re wanting to explore the usefulness of chatbots and how to create a chatbot quickly for your business, you’ll find a lot of content geared towards programmers and coders. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any of those skills.

But I do own an online business. And I want to know how a chatbot can save me time so I can focus on my core business. Also, I want to know how I can create one in the quickest time possible without needing to know how to code, program, or develop.

As a business owner, you definitely know how hard it is to stay on top of everything from human resources, marketing, sales, customer care, and all the other facets that are involved in the daily running of your business. But bots can act as time-saving tools. In many industry’s they are now coined as conversational commerce.

Chatbots have the potential to reach the masses. This is because most chatbot builders use Facebook Messenger as it is one of the most widely used and versatile messaging platforms out there.

So what are some of the jobs that a chatbot can do?

Create a chatbot to gather feedback

You want feedback from your customers, but never find the time to send out the survey’s or contact them after the sale. A chatbot can help you create and send out a form or poll without having to take time out of your day. It can also help collate the data you need to continue doing your magnificent work at delivering on your customer’s needs.

chatbots sell products

Your chatbot can walk your customer through the buyer’s journey, from the first touch of the phone to order and through to checkout—all without leaving Messenger. You can also customize products shown to maximize sales.

Create a chatbot to take reservations and bookings

You can turn your fans and followers into leads and bookings. Send them to Messenger from your FB page, and the chatbot can make it super easy for customers to book a reservation when they want, all within Messenger.

Chatbots get contact information

It’s easy to gather contact information with just one tap. ManyChat bots make it easy for your customers to stay connected by Messenger, phone, and email. Finding out how your customer prefers to be contacted and then keeping them in the loop.

Create a chatbot to send out coupon codes

Send your customers and followers coupon codes and special offers to bring them back. With 80% open rates and 20% CTR, you will be hard-pressed to find a platform that performs better.

Chatbots save abandon carts

Don’t let your potential sales slip away. Create a chatbot to remind customers of items they forgot to purchase, and you can even sweeten the deal with a last-minute discount or offer.

Create a chatbot to find out what your customers really think!

Chatbots can gather data from each conversation they have with a customer. Apart from helping with customer care, up-selling, and pushing promotions on demand, chatbots offer your customers to share their feedback and feelings. This is essential to creating a long-lasting relationship with your customer base.

Chatbots qualify your leads

Save time and money by using a chatbot from ManyChat to do the hard work of qualifying leads as they come in. Potential customers answer questions and provide their contact information. You can have the qualified leads schedule an appointment inside Messenger or get your sales team to follow up.

Create a chatbot to send out quotes

Use ManyChat to send customers on-demand quotes. You can also get notified about leads that are ready to close on a contract with all the details already worked out.

Create a chatbot quickly

The reason chatbots have become such powerful time-saving tools is because of their artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). This allows them to learn from every conversation without requiring someone to program each conversation they have.

With this in mind, chatbot building platforms such as ManyChat, allow you to create a chatbot quickly. Just a matter of minutes without coding or programming skills.

When selecting a chatbot builder, you should look for these features


You should be able to test your builder for free and upgrade to a paid plan when you are happy with how it works.

Easy to use

A good chatbot builder is intuitive, quick to learn, and does not require any coding.


The builder should have a variety of features and capabilities that make it easy to use and versatile.


Make sure that the platform has a support team that can help you if you run into problems.

ManyChat can help you create a chatbot quickly….literally minutes. All you have to do is start with a template that is focused on your business or develop your own bot with a simple drag and drop interface.

It couldn’t be easier. You can even get started for free, and the pricing plan is exceptionally affordable. They have lots of educational information so you can DIY. If that isn’t for you, reach out for a chat to see how we can create a chatbot from ManyChat to make your website even more powerful.