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Live chatbots or helpdesks are the little buttons usually placed at the right-hand bottom corner of the website or base of your mobile-friendly site. They pop up automatically and invite the website user to interact with them for any questions amongst an array of other talents they possess.

They are a complete savior for small business owners who have spent ridiculous amounts of time dealing with customer queries when they should have been relaxing with family and friends or spending quality time sleeping!! Trust us; we have all been there.

Let’s look at the top five reasons why live chatbots help your business if the above reasoning isn’t enough to have you signing up for one immediately.

1.     The Power of Real-time Convenience

You can’t underestimate the power of real-time convenience to the customer.

There is evidence to show that over 40% of customers prefer having questions answered by a chatbot rather than dealing with a human. Let’s face it; dealing with a human can get messy and incredibly time-consuming, especially if all you want is a simple answer.

Potential customers who use the chat functionality want to know more about product specifications, are having trouble finding a specific item or want to compare products.

The second reason people love live chat is to ask about return policies, track their order status, or report bugs or suggest improvements.

Using chat is often preferred over email or phone conversations. Why? Because they achieve the ultimate goal immediately and seamlessly. The user doesn’t have to leave the page to write an email. They don’t have to wait online to speak with a human.

Essentially, you don’t lose customers who are sitting on the phone or waiting for an email reply to a simple request or question.

2.    Saves Your Business in the Hip Pocket

Chatbots Magazine reports that implementing virtual agents or chatbots can help businesses save up to 30%. This makes sense.

Hiring agents 27/7 for 365 days of the year presence, then adding the resources and education they need to support the customer, is costly for most companies.

AI chatbots can handle multiple chats simultaneously, and intelligent live chat software provides plenty of chat distribution options and utilization options.

If you get an excellent chatbot integration, they are usually loaded with the most widely used eCommerce and content management systems. You don’t even need HTML skills to implement the chatbot on your website.

3.    Live Chatbots work with humans

The greatest misunderstanding about live chatbots is they will take over all services and automate everything. Leaving businesses with no humans!! But this is a myth.

Presently, chatbots can only deal with queries that are clearly within certain boundaries – straightforward, common questions. They resolve repetitive consumer queries, liberating the humans to hand more complex enquiries.

Making AI chatbots the first point of contact for more complex queries that can be quickly escalated to humans can improve customer service. This improves productivity as well.

4.    Improved Conversions and Sales

Having someone walk your customer through a purchase adds confidence. Customers tend to spend more time on your website when this is done.

When customers spend more time on the website, they are more likely to spend money.

Customers are getting real-time advice and answers to any questions. It saves product returns as a customer service chatbot can help them pick the right product or service which suits them best. As a result, they are satisfied and less likely to return the product. This higher degree of personalization always translates to better conversion rates.

5.    Long-term Customer Relationships and Satisfaction

Satisfied, long-term customers are less likely to move to another brand and tend to be less price-sensitive.

When customers believe they have been taken care of, they are less concerned about paying. When customers feel they have been heard and are moved through the process of buying seamlessly, even if it is with a chatbot, they have a stronger connection with the business and more willing to share their positive experience.

Also, chatbots give you faster resolution of customer inquiries.

Suppose you are thinking of implementing a chatbot onto your business website page. Why not reach out for a chat to see how we can integrate a reputable chatbot with the minimum fuss and make your business website even more powerful.