Many business people loosely understand what a “great website” means. Merely having the most professional-looking or aesthetically appealing does not make your website great! These aspects of your website will not help it generate more traffic.

If your website is not optimized for search engine ranking purposes – even if it looks amazing – then all its beauty will be for naught because potential customers won’t find it when they need what you offer. The web design of your website should be SEO-friendly too to give it the best possibility of ranking.

Search Engine Optimization helps your website rank for specific keywords and appear on the first page of search engine results. Good leveraging good SEO techniques will boost the visibility of your website. Here are five steps that’ll get almost any site looking great while also helping it rank higher in search engines.

  1. Register Your Website with Google Search Console 

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free service that you can use to monitor your site’s search performance. Registering with GSC will give you access to vital information about the health of your site, which will help you identify potential issues and fix them before they affect customers or rankings. The more time you spend on this now, the less work it’ll be later!
Register for Google Search Console today by following these simple steps:

1) Go to

2) Click “add a property.”

3). Enter the URL of your website

4). Verify ownership through either an email address or phone number

You’re done!

  1. Buy Your Domain and Hosting from SiteGround

SiteGround is the world’s largest hosting provider, with more than 4 million domains under management. With your domain and host from SiteGround, they offer website builders with free or paid templates, depending on what you’re looking for in terms of design. The templates come pre-installed with essential plugins that help increase conversions on your website. There are also features like drag-and-drop functionality, integrated video tutorials, SEO tools, and more! SiteGround websites are beautiful and SEO friendly for your business success.

  1. Use JavaScript Sparingly

Many people are in the habit of overusing JavaScript in their websites. The whole design of their websites will be full of JavaScript. Such websites give search engines a difficult time crawling these websites to index them and establish their rankings. The search engines will not be able to read these websites easily. In addition, JavaScript does not work particularly well with mobile devices. Therefore, too much use of JavaScript on your mobile devices will make your site less user-friendly and less SEO-friendly.

  1. Ensure your URL is User-Friendly

Your URL is another aspect of your website design that you need to capitalize on. There are 2 ways of making it SEO-friendly and make it rank better than you had anticipated.

  1. Use hyphens instead of underscores to separate words in your URL.
  2. Use fewer categories on your URL. For example, a URL such as a better alternative when compared to a URL such as$%*& which is a bit “all over the place.” Search engines will be quicker to get what the first URL is about as opposed to the latter!

These strategies will make your URL very SEO-friendly and boost the rankings of your website.

  1. Incorporate Keywords into your Website Design

It is not unusual to find many people using keywords heavily in their copy to attain good SEO. However, this may be counterproductive if you do not use it in other areas of your website. Sure, by incorporating keywords in your copy and articles found on your website, you boost your rankings on search engines’ results pages. However, you can get even better rankings if you use keywords in your title tag, H1 tags, website slogans, meta descriptions, file and folder names, and even your internal links. Try this out and watch your rankings on search engines’ results pages hit the roof!

In conclusion, a good website should not merely focus on aesthetics! Good SEO is the magic wand that will help your website achieve a better ranking. Using proven tactics such as registering for Google Search Console, getting your domain from SiteGround, reducing the use of JavaScript, and using SEO-friendly URLs are just some of the tricks that will make your website more SEO-friendly. With time, your website will start coming up in ranking, thanks to these simple tips!