voice search

Times are changing. People are moving towards voice search to find solutions to their problems. They’ve given up on trying to text like their teenagers and merely pressing a button, speaking into their smartphone and then having the answer appear. It’s easier and quicker.

So are you going to be left behind? Because the major platforms have already implemented this. Think Siri, Cortana, Google Voice Search, Alexa and Google Home.

Until recently, you had to optimize your websites for traditional search queries, based on specific keywords and phrases that were rarely similar to natural speech. But as voice search enters the mainstream, this is going to change. You will have to optimize your website to keep up with the changes so people can search by their preferred method…voice search.

How to optimize your website for voice search?

OK, so you’ve decided to get this far and see what’s involved. Good for you – you’re one step ahead of the curve. It is safe to say that up until now; your SEO strategy has most likely been concentrating on text search. Now you will need to shift and prime it to be prepared for position V!

What’s position V?

Position V is essentially the voice search result that you hear being read aloud by either Alexa, Google or Cortana, for example.

So, how do you achieve that?

Optimize Your Page Speed

Optimizing page speed is essential overall, not just optimizing for voice search. Google favors any website over another when it loads quickly, whether it’s a text or voice-based search.

Here is a resource for you to perform a simple, free test to analyze your website’s speed.

Get SSL Certified

Google also prefers websites to be secured and certified. The SSL certificate is an HTTPS protocol that guarantees the website user, and Google’s trawling bot, that your site can be trusted and conforms with the regulations of trustworthy online practices.

FAQ Page

If you want your website to be optimized for voice search, make sure you have a FAQ page answering the most popular questions about your industry or product. These questions should be based on the types of queries that users or potential consumers will ask verbally – simple language and concise.

Create Long-Form Content.

SEO doesn’t only depend on the technology working behind your website. However, it still relies on the excellence of your content.

It’s imperative you create content focusing on the burning and frequent questions people are likely to search for and a strong CTA that draws them to you. The higher the quality and value of the content, the more likely people will stick around and keep coming back.

The rule used to be the shorter the content, the better. But it doesn’t work like that anymore. The sites that rank are usually the ones which have longer-form content that is interesting, easy to read and relatable.

Make Readability a Priority

What does that statement mean in the real world? Easy, straightforward vocabulary and short sentences. People who use voice search are asking simple questions that AI can understand and transform into search results.

Focus on being concise and adding value without making it challenging to read. When people find your content easy to read, they are more inclined to come back and read more – which increases your website’s traffic.

Don’t Neglect Social Media

Social media is where people are at – at least on one platform, if not more. They engage with friends and family, keep up-to-day with the news and plan their next vacation. They’re also connecting with brands and companies. They ask questions, share status’ and blog posts, send referrals, and buy products.

Get out there and create stellar content that answers consumers problems or questions. If you feel you can’t do it, find someone who can.

The better the content is, the more likely it’s going to be shared. And this generates a substantial pool of backlinks to the original page. The more valuable backlinks you have out there directing users back to your website, the higher it will rank on search engines.

Voice search is the here and now trend…no longer up and coming. You need to adapt immediately to thrive. All your SEO efforts should be optimized and prioritized accordingly.

Why don’t you arrange a call to discover how we can help you build a smarter website optimized for voice search to generate a ton of traffic. You won’t be disappointed when we get you the leads into your funnel so they can become raging fans.