shop local

Shopping malls have historically been the preferred shopping destination because you can find everything you want to buy in one comfortable place to get around. But the world and consumer preferences are changing.

Many customers are looking for unique gifts and services while supporting the local economy. They are sick of giving their hard-earned cash to the big conglomerates. The same businesses that take them for granted and give them low-quality products with ridiculous mark-ups.

Online Shop Local Marketplaces such as Shop Chez Nous allow for local customers to browse and shop for personal services, retail, and food and drinks. They can also find farmer’s markets and local producers, all from the comfort of their own home.

Small businesses build communities

When customers spend money in their neighborhoods, their sales tax stays in the community. It helps to fund public education, parks, and street improvements. Not to mention vital services like firefighting. It also gives jobs and benefits to locals.

Small Businesses create local jobs for local people

Small businesses create local jobs for the people who live in the community. While the chain stores have been shown to consistently reduce jobs. This means a loss in opportunities and benefits within the families and the communities.

Local and Small Business is better for the environment

Whether by boat or plane, there are significant environmental costs from shipping goods long distances. While some small businesses acquire their stock from faraway places, you will be more likely to find locally made goods in local market places. This lowers transport costs and pollution.

Small businesses create a sense of community

Humans seek a feeling of belonging and familiarity in the worlds in which they live. It’s natural to seek connections with those we share our neighborhoods with. It’s also comforting and satisfying to support local businesses. It means we are helping our friends and family.

Online Marketplaces are Cost-effective

One of the primary reasons why small businesses gravitate towards online marketplaces is because it is relatively cheaper than creating a separate website for your business. Using the online marketplace platform affords you e-commerce infrastructure and traffic built-in. This allows you to sell your wares and services without the considerable expense and headaches of setting up and monitoring an online store. Giving you time to focus on improving your products, services, and offers.

Small Business specializes in unique gifts and services

You’ll often find gifts in local shops you can’t find in the larger stores – handmade and artisan. These gifts give a special touch to the mass-produced products found in the chain stores.

Online Marketplaces give small business a wider reach

Online marketplaces usually see significantly more traffic than retailer-owned websites. Your products will definitely reach more customers who may not have been otherwise exposed to your brand. In any case, people are trending towards using an online marketplace rather than brand websites. This helps you get your product in front of the critical demographics before the competition.

Online Marketplaces help with branding

When you’re growing a small business within your community, it’s often difficult to stand apart from the competition. Online marketplaces have an established customer base with services that are directed at local people who are going to be understood for their local needs.

Before you pivot a full 180 to save your business in these challenging times, or worse, shut down, take a step back. Consider utilizing a platform such as Shop Chez Nous. They are set up and ready to go with customers desperately wanting to source products and services within their local region.