Last week we talked about why you need to use direct mail for your marketing strategy and this week we’re going to talk about how to make your direct mail campaign more effective.

Direct mail marketing can help your business a lot because it’s highly targeted. Creating an effective direct mail campaign is more complex than it might seem. Starting a direct mail campaign might be challenging in the beginning and you will for sure make some mistakes but it will provide much more better results once you get the hang of it.

1. Avoid using the usual cheesy signs

Try to be as creative as you can when it comes to direct mail. Direct mail marketing can provide a lot of rewards but you should also be aware of what works and what doesn’t. Avoid using all caps, bold with italics or any other clichéd visual clues. Instead, try to be more creative and use compelling lines to draw the attention of your reader which will benefit you in a more productive way than the clichéd signs which the nowadays consumer has become immune of.

2. Try to build integrated campaigns

It’s very important to make the direct mail marketing part of the overall marketing campaign so you will make the most out of it. Similar to other marketing campaigns, you should send multiple offers and be consistent with your direct mail campaign so don’t expect great results when using direct mail marketing for the first time. Don’t forget to integrate your direct mail marketing campaign with other forms of marketing such as digital marketing.

3. Make it pleasant to look at

Use a good printer with good quality and reputation. Also, don’t forget to order a sample in advance. Having a design that stands out is very important to the success of the campaign because it’s the first thing that catches the eye of your customer.

It’s also important to use the colors wisely. Adding additional colors might cost more money so you might want to check your budget first but having a professional design is well-worth the investment.

4. Personalization is always a good idea

This is also one of the biggest strengths of direct mail marketing because it creates a sense of familiarity. Gather as much data as possible to personalize your direct mail marketing campaign. Use names whenever is applicable because it will make your potential customers feel important. People are more likely to open an envelope where their name is written. Be creative when it comes to personalization as it will help not only your marketing campaign but also your brand.