Kooltech Mechanical

Redefining What A Website Should Really Is With Allea High-Converting Website Solutions

Kooltech Mechanical

Key benefits of a new website is now more important than ever to have a great looking website that customers will enjoy using but how about turning it into a converting machine?

With Allea Marketing Solution’s in-depth knowledge and experience in marketing strategy, Kooltech soon realized it was time to revamp and redevelop their website strategy completely using Allea design specialty and conversion tactics to provide them a lead generation business tool rather than just another nice looking website.

new leads a MONTH!
sales generated directly from the website for a 60% conversion rate
worth of installation and maintenance contracts after 6 months


Heating Up Winter and Cooling Down Summer

As one of the top heating & cooling products installer since 2004, Kooltech Mechanical has sold, installed and maintained both heating and cooling systems to over 400 customers in the Ottawa area providing the highest quality services to residential and commercial customers – ensuring year-round comfort, even in the harshest of temperatures.

Their mission is to provide all our clients with systems that not only match their needs but equally, their energy efficiency.

They aim to put forth an educational and enjoyable experience, from the first contact on the phone to the moment where our technician terminates the work.

Lead Generation Website Marketing for Kooltech Mechanical Heating and Cooling


Augment the Brand Image While Seeing a ROI On The Corporate Website

Kooltech Mechanical’s main goal was to ultimately provide consumers with a visual, easy, simple and informative website that works great on whatever device they use but also provides a means for Kooltech to use the website as a lead generation tool to increase revenue.


Teaming Up With the Pros

Kooltech Mechanical wanted to revamp and redevelop its website and turn it into a lead generation traffic destination.  The heating and cooling experts engaged Allea Marketing, a digital design, lead generation and ad agency, and constructed a more visually appealing lead generation corporate website with a personal touch with photos of staff incorporated throughout and in customer emails.

Website Redesign for Kooltech Mechanical Heating and Cooling

It’s Time for a Facelift

A website represents a business 24 hours per day, every day of the year, its appearance and content are crucial to marketing efforts.

Allea Marketing and Kooltech Mechanical went to the drawing board and proposed a website design strategy using a corporate feel but have a very personal touch to make it visually appealing and trustworthy.  It created an emotional bond with the visitors, increased trust and leveraged marketing techniques to drive sales with action points.

Lead Generation Website Conversion Tools

Warm leads

Through Allea Marketing’s Website Framework strategy, it identified Kooltech Mechanical’s business goals for the website and what exactly the objectives it wanted to attain with the website.

Using conversion tools designed to be in strategic places around the website, Allea Marketing produced lead generation forms to maximize opportunities for people to engage with the website through various design flows and calls to action points.

Once the potential customer fills out the form, the lead goes straight to Kooltech Mechanical’ call center team, and someone reaches out to schedule an appointment.

Lead Generation and Website Conversion Tools for Kooltech Mechanical Heating and Cooling
Facebook Posts, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Landing Pages and SEO for Kooltech Mechanical Heating and Cooling

What’s a Website If It Can’t Be Found 
(Facebook Posts, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Landing Pages, SEO)

Web browsing habits are changing every day and Allea Marketing made sure the new Kooltech website had all the bells and whistles in required to be integrated with Facebook and Google tools.

Google provides us with search capabilities and greater insights than ever before on who, how, what people are doing on a website.  Facebook provides us with a social platform to represent the brand in a fun way and use it to strategically position the business for lead generation as well.

Allea Marketing made sure to build high-converting landing pages to position Kooltech Mechanical for any paid ad traffic it includes in the media mix as part of their advertisement strategies.


Heating It Up

Kooltech Mechanical had a successful debut launching their high-converting website in 2018 with continued adjustments and optimization with social media posts strategy on Facebook and keyword search Google Ads campaigns, which and brought in the first 6 months:

  • 50 leads a month
  • 30 sales
  • $13,500 worth of installation maintenance contracts