How We Helped CSEPR Generate An Economic Impact Of Over $2 Million

CSEPR’s mission is to serve youth, job seekers, workers, entrepreneurs and employers in Eastern Ontario.  The Employment Services Centre (CSEPR) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1983 with 3 offices to serve its clientele, including its head office in Hawkesbury and offices in Rockland and Embrun. Through its interventions with its various clients, the Centre assists close to 14,000 clients annually and has close to 3,000 positions in its job bank.

“The Challenge”

Converting Clients Online vs In-Person At the Various Service Points

CSEPR initially struggled with a digital presence that didn’t meet the needs of modern job seekers or their business model focused on digital transformation. Their website was user-unfriendly, relegating their crucial job bank to the background and complicating the job search process for users. This setup was not conducive to engaging users or efficiently facilitating job matches. Moreover, the absence of a structured marketing strategy meant CSEPR was not capitalizing on advanced lead generation tactics, including landing pages that could capture essential user data for follow-up and engagement. Equally pressing was the need to pivot from an in-person client interaction model to a digital-first approach, aiming to convert and engage clients online effectively rather than relying on traditional, in-center visits.

“The Solution”

Transforming the Client Engagement Process

To tackle the challenges faced by CSEPR, we adopted a comprehensive approach that began with a thorough marketing analysis. This initial phase involved a detailed review of their existing marketing assets, encompassing their brand, communication strategies, colour schemes, logo, and digital assets. By understanding the current state, we were able to establish a solid baseline for our recommendations and future plans.

Marketing Analysis and Blueprint Development

Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of CSEPR’s brand and marketing efforts. We evaluated their current digital assets and identified areas for improvement. This analysis allowed us to create a blueprint that outlined the necessary steps to enhance their online presence and marketing strategy. Our recommendations included the development of new marketing funnels, creation of essential digital assets, and a complete overhaul of their website to improve user experience and engagement.

Redesigned Website

With a clear blueprint in hand, we completely redeveloped CSEPR’s website (, making the job bank the focal point. We designed the site to mirror user search behaviors on platforms like Google, ensuring that job seekers could easily find and apply for relevant positions. The new website featured a focused menu structure tailored to different audience segments, enabling users to quickly access the information they needed.

Lead Generation and Funnel Automation

To drive lead generation, we developed various lead magnets to capture user information. After rigorous testing, a quiz emerged as the most effective lead magnet. This quiz asked users about their job status, preferences, and industry interests, guiding them to the job bank with a list of filtered job opportunities tailored to their responses.

We launched targeted ads to promote the quiz, encouraging users to participate and submit their information. The funnel was automated using Zapier, which notified CSEPR recruiters when a new lead completed the quiz. Recruiters received detailed pipeline status choices to streamline their follow-ups, enabling prompt responses via email, phone, or SMS.

Enhanced Engagement and KPI Tracking

This automated system allowed recruiters to quickly schedule meetings with employment counselors, enhancing the client engagement process. Continued interaction with employment counselors was a key performance indicator (KPI) for CSEPR. Successfully placing a lead into a job not only met these KPIs but also contributed significantly to the economic impact CSEPR aimed to achieve.

Through these strategic solutions, we transformed CSEPR’s digital presence, streamlined their lead generation process, and significantly boosted their ability to convert online interactions into meaningful client engagements and job placements.

By addressing the critical challenges faced by CSEPR, we successfully transformed their digital presence and client engagement process. The comprehensive marketing analysis, strategic website redevelopment, and innovative lead generation tactics not only improved user experience but also significantly boosted CSEPR’s ability to convert online interactions into tangible job placements. This holistic approach resulted in a streamlined process that maximized economic impact and reinforced CSEPR’s commitment to supporting job seekers and employers alike.

“The Results”

Our innovative self-lead generation system successfully recruited individuals and helped CSEPR convert them into clients. From May 2023 to April 2024, we generated impressive results:

  • 1242 leads, averaging 103 per month
  • 114 clients qualified for job assistance, averaging 9.5 per month
  • 57 clients secured jobs, averaging 4.75 per month

Each job placement had an economic impact of $520,000, resulting in a total economic impact of $29.64 million for the year, or $2.47 million per month. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of our strategic approach in transforming CSEPR’s client engagement and economic contribution.


High Quality Leads (average 103 per month)
Clients Who Qualified For the Service
Clients Placed In Jobs (average of 4.75 jobs filled per month)
In Total Economic Impact (average of $2.64 million per month)

At Allea Solutions, we embrace each project as a unique opportunity to innovate, strategize, and deliver unmatched results. CSEPR’s success in the employment services market stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. As we celebrate this landmark achievement, we encourage other businesses to join us in turning their marketing challenges into triumphant success stories. Partner with Allea Solutions, where we make your success our mission.