Ecommerce: How to Get A Full-Running Store For Under $2k With Shopify

Do you want to start a business and sell your products online? Shopify is one of the best platforms for those who are looking to make their ecommerce site. It’s easy to use, offers many features, and has great customer service. Find out more about how you can get a full-running store that costs you under $2000 in just under four weeks!

Why Choose Shopify?

Launching an online store with Shopify is easy! It takes care of the logistics of managing inventory and shipping of products. With Shopify’s easy-to-use dashboard, it is easy to create a beautiful website in no time at all – without any programming skills required.
It has a good track record of protecting sensitive data also and is a secure platform for your customers. Shopify handles all the required upgrades and server maintenance processes for you so you can focus on selling your product.

Top Features of Shopify Stores


  1. Abandoned Cart Recovery

This feature lets you set up a ‘triggered email’ that will automatically remind each customer who has abandoned their cart to complete their checkout.

  1. Automatic Calculation of Shipping Costs

Shopify offers a ‘real-time carrier shipping’ feature that calculates the shipping cost based on a customer’s location and the weight of their product.

  1. Easy Integration of Your Shop with Facebook

Shopify allows you to link your shop to your Facebook page, making it easy for them to purchase directly from you without getting redirected to your website.

Get a Store Under $2k with Allea Marketing Solution

There are numerous advantages of choosing the experts at Allea Marketing Solution to create and launch your Shopify store. We will create your store from scratch with everything from the logo design and color scheme to how your products are displayed on-screen. We will also customize many of the features, such as payment gateways and shipping integrations, to give you a professional, unique, and user-friendly website.

At Allea Marketing Solution, we ensure that your Shopify website is SEO-optimized to attract organic traffic and rank high on search results. Save money and time by choosing Allea Marketing Solution to create you a professional unique site that is receive payments immediately!

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