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Then Buying Customers…

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Custom Made Business Funnels

Every Minute You Wait, You’re Losing Sales!!


First, what is a funnel? ?

A funnel is a simple way to attract your visitors to guide them step-by-step through an entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave).  Simply, it is to point your customers straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem.

There are 4 main steps of a funnel

Attract with Ads To Generate Traffic Into Your Funnel

Ads To Generate Traffic Into Your Funnel

First, We Need To Understand Your Business and Audience In Order To Generate Quality Traffic

We learn about your business, your value proposition, your competitive advantage, and who your target customers are and their journey to becoming a client for your business.

Then with the use of traffic generators: Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube, with highly optimized ads for Cold and Warm Retargeting traffic.

A Landing Page Is Your First Point of Entry For Action

Highly Optimized Landing Page

Second, We Convert Traffic Into Leads

We create a first point of entry into a highly optimized landing page for ONE of your product or service your customer needs the most to solve their problems.

We use lead magnets such as eBooks, PDF, Case Studies, Surveys, Freebies, Contests, Offers, Promotions and with opt-in forms we capture your lead details.

Conversion Pages Are Your Authority Builder/Sales Pages

High-Converting Authority Builder Conversion Pages

Third, We Send The Leads To High-Converting Authority Builder Conversion Pages

We develop a further step in order to build even more of your authority in the marketplace of your industry to convert your leads into customers.

We use practices such as video storytelling, webinars, scheduling with calls to action that encourage social sharing.

Engagement For Lead Nurturing Using Email/Chat Bot

Lead Nurturing Using Emails and Chat Bots

Fourth, We Nurture Leads To Turn Them Into Your Raving Fans

We use video, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Get Response and Content Marketing to nurture and turn your leads into buyers through the use of highly optimized email and chat sequences.

Your best marketing is your customers. Once they are customers, we use them to market your business through reviews and testimonials.

You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to hire the experts to move potential customers from
attention to action.

Ready? Start Generating Leads Today!


Hear The Word On The Street

Greg Richardson General Manager at Camelot Golf and Country Club

“Camelot Golf & Country Club hired Allea Marketing in 2018 to provide the golf club with Facebook Marketing to generate awareness and lead generation which led us to hit our target membership goals.
The 2019 season is looking great and in April we made 5x more in revenue than our ad spends using Facebook thanks to Allea’s #FullStaq marketing strategy!”

Greg Richardson

General Manager at
Camelot Golf and Country Club

Luc et Marc Bélanger Owners at Belanger Chrysler

“We have been dealing with Allea Marketing for over a year now and we are very happy with their #FullStaq marketing services.
From their outdoor digital billboards, social media and email marketing services, their lead generation expertise is second to none! An asset to any company who needs a marketing boost. Well Done!”

Luc et Marc Bélanger

Owners at Belanger Chrysler

Ève Parr Owner of 53 Karat

“Our beauty salon needed a Facebook Messenger solution to automate and handle common customer requests to our Facebook page. Allea applied its #FullStaq strategy and only after 1 month our customers were able to receive up to date information about our services, prices and request appointments!
I highly recommend any companies wanting to increase their customer service without incurring extra staff cost (actually reducing staff cost) to communicate with Allea now!”

Ève Parr

Owner of 53 Karat


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