4 Reasons You Need to Use Direct Mail Marketing

Technology has changed the way we live, entertain, do business and work.

However, direct mail marketing continues to be a powerful and effective tool in the marketing world. While some might think that direct mail marketing is the dinosaur of the industry, statistics show that direct mail isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are four reasons why you need to use direct mail marketing to grow your business.

1. Direct mail is more personal

The key to building a relationship between your business and your target audience is to show that you know and understand your customer. Direct mail makes your audience feel special and connect more to your products in a way that digital content can’t.

Direct mail can be personalized and allows you to add a personal touch that speaks to your customer and grabs their attention.  You can include names and other personal information that speaks to specific individuals and not large groups. It gives people something to touch and engage and makes the overall experience more satisfying.

2. Direct mail can reach all audiences

In the digital age, people from all ages are using the Internet and social media. But still, there are many people who can’t or prefer not to use them. Recent research has shown that 41% of people aged over 65 years don’t use the Internet at all. This segment cannot be reached through email marketing or social media. Direct mail allows you to reach all the audiences and gives you a competitive advantage.

3. It’s Targeted

Direct mail marketing is highly targeted because you can choose who you want the mail to be sent. Direct mail campaigns are sent to a specific audience and customers receive only offers that align with their needs and desires. It’s more focused on individuals who will most probably respond in one way or another to your products and offers.

4. It helps you build trust

Trust is an important part of marketing that is often overlooked. Trust will help your business in the long run and will also help you build customer relationships.

Technology has brought many privacy concerns and people are starting to trust electronic communication less and less. Because phishing scams are growing people are becoming more aware and starting not to trust attachments and links inside an email.

Direct mail is a very trusted marketing channel and the more your customers trust your brand, more likely they are to continue buying your products and services.

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