Programmatic DOOH: The Omnichannel X Factor

Research by Posterscope shows DOOH advertising can boost your brand penetration by 303% when it combines mobile marketing with online marketing. This may explain why 2021 has seen more brands have chosen digital-out-of-home advertising. Advertisers have also seen that DOOH engages customers and is easy to integrate into your omnichannel marketing efforts.

There are two forms of accessing DOOH inventory by digital marketers. The first is UX, UI, and workflows that digital buyers can get from digital OOH DSPs. The second one is in the form of omnichannel DSPs. These have workflows such as targeting, identity management, and other media formats.


The programmatic DOOH advertising efforts of your brand should provide a great omnichannel experience. To achieve this, use the approaches below;

1. Plan Your DOOH Advertising Strategy and Know Your Audience.

This involves creating personas that represent your most ideal customers. If they are sports lovers, put up DOOH screens that are more likely to attract sports lovers. You can also use ‘moment targeting’ to hone in on your ideal customers when it is most ‘opportune.’ For example, promoting sunscreen on an outdoor screen is most suitable during sunny and hot weather.

2. Use The Retargeting Method

It aims at customers that have already interacted with your DOOH ads. It involves having your ads across different platforms like websites, billboards, and even television. For example, a customer may see your billboard while on the road. The same customer may also see your ad on a DOOH screen while shopping in the mall. Another one of your adverts may be seen on television. These multiple appearances make your brand more memorable!

3. Leverage The ‘Proximity Triggering’ Approach

Here, Ads pop up on the mobile devices of prospective customers whenever they are close to a DOOH screen displaying your ad. This happens when their mobile device has ‘opted in’ into a particular marketing campaign. For example, while shopping for the name beverage, an ad pops up on their phone screen similar to the nearest DOOH screen.


The digital marketing efforts of every brand should incorporate DOOH to gain a competitive advantage through a good omnichannel experience!

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