Local Businesses Thrive with Outdoor Marketing

Let’s be honest, most businesses need an online presence of some variety these days. 

Let’s be honest, most businesses need an online presence of some variety these days. Even if your customers don’t buy online, most of them will use the internet to find a local business.

The bonus of digital marketing is accessibility. You don’t require a huge budget to get online initially. You can target specific consumers and measure your success without too much expertise.

However, just because you’re online doesn’t mean your audience will be able to find you.

Particularly your local audience. The ones who are more likely to buy from you.

There is a lot of digital dross and clutter out there on the web these days. New websites and local businesses often get drowned out by the big guns in the industry.

The big players have the power and deep pockets to pay for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and hiring social media managers. All expensive endeavors – especially if you want a positive ROI.

So how do you get through all the clutter to jag the local traffic?

Take your business outdoors

Digital out of home (DOOH) marketing refers to those ads you see on digital billboards at the side of the road, bus stops, and train stations. While it’s based on a more traditional form of advertising, DOOH marketing does offer unique opportunities to get your brand noticed.

They are bright, LED-based light ads that capture instant attention and have an extremely high impact. The strength of advertising outdoors is the ability to reach a vast and diverse audience within the community.

Out of home marketing reaches people when they are out and about, where consumers are happy with welcome distractions – not scrolling through their Facebook, getting irritated by unwanted ads.

There is research that reveals that digital billboards stand out more than online ads, and nearly half of the respondents said they noticed them more than TV commercials.


With DOOH marketing, you can target your campaign to several audiences, and within a specific time frame. If you want the advertisement up for two weeks before a sale and for the duration of the deal, you aren’t locked into extended contacts that are a waste of money. You only pay for the time you need.
You can also use more than one ad for the campaign, increasing your reach in the community. This is excellent news for local businesses looking to build brand recognition in a specific area.

DOOH marketing can offer real-time updates and display ads that are dynamic, current, and relevant.


That is correct. While online advertising is on the rise, DOOH marketing is more accessible than ever.

By publishing your campaign at the right time and place, you can reach more local customers with less money than instigating a month-long online campaign on one of the already suffocated social media platforms.

Integrates seamlessly with an online presence

Outdoor and digital marketing supplement each other perfectly. A campaign that utilizes both channels simultaneously maximizes the advantages of short-term high impact visuals of outdoor marketing with the online opportunities to expand upon your initial message.

Research shows that people who have seen a digital outdoor advertisement are more likely to engage with the brand on their smartphone. People won’t pull over on the side of the road to get your number, but if your ad made an impact, they would go home and Google you.

DOOH acts an introduction to your brand, while your online presence deepens your engagement with the customers.

Track your ROI

It is often believed that DOOH marketing can’t be tracked well. This is not the case.

You can easily have a promotional code that offers exclusive discounts to consumers who respond to the ad. When the code is used at the point-of-purchase, it will indicate how many sales were made as a result of engagement with your DOOH advert.

An alternative could be to create a unique landing page to display on your DOOH advertisement. The amount of online visitors that arrive at the URL will provide an indication of how successful the advert has been.

Isn’t it time you take your local business to the next level?

Get your share of brand awareness and lead generation by thinking outside the box and capturing your local market. Digital out of home advertising is a proven marketing technique to enhance your presence in the community – where you live AND make a living.

At Allea Marketing, our packages start from below $300 per month. As an added bonus, you will benefit from a free campaign analysis and recommendations, free shareable posts on our social media platforms, and proof of performance reports.

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