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Digital Outdoor Advertising

Traffic is getting back to normal. 

What is your marketing strategy?

Most people think that their lengthy commute is just an inconvenience that takes them away from their family and friends. But to marketers and small business owners – it’s a captive and receptive audience, ready for digital outdoor advertising and promotion.

As life gets back to the new normal, the main thoroughfares in our towns and cities are not deserted anymore.

It’s time to start looking at traffic differently. It’s all about the eyeballs. And the increased traffic is getting eyeballs on digital outdoor advertising boards more than ever.

What are the stats on digital outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising has not lost its credibility. It delivers high exposure to a broader audience, and it’s still proven to be extremely effective. A Nielson study showed that digital out of home advertising provides the highest rate of online conversions per dollar of any offline media.

The average one-way trip to work for commuters in Canada in 2016 was around 24 minutes. But for over 850,000, it was more than 60 minutes. As time passes, this number has only grown. We know the amount of traffic has increased, and for some, the trip has gotten longer.

Is traffic increasing?

A recent study, conducted in Canada, captured mobility data from Pelmorex, Google, and Apple. They showed a significant decrease in traffic at the start of COVID 19 restrictions. Then they tracked the data to June 2020. This encompassed the time when regulations started to lift. It showed an overall 75% increase in road traffic from the start of business re-opening.

Markets such as in Ontario and Ottawa are indicating a 14-15% weekly rise in traffic from May to June alone. The work from home phenomenon is not taking over the world yet!

So even in the age of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Netflix, which seemed to dominate in the COVID restrictions, there are still advantages to capturing the attention of the average person as they go about traveling every day.

What can digital outdoor advertising do for my business?

With digital outdoor advertising, you can capture your audience with bright LED-based light. This is not the medium for staid, boring billboards that fade with the battering from the elements. These campaigns stay bright and visible all the time.

Another bonus to this type of advertising – you can use video or more than one ad during a campaign to grab more attention from the traffic. The information can be current and relevant to the audience. That means no more ads that promote a sale that is long gone. Let them have the information they need to make the purchase or phone call today.

Digital outdoor advertising isn’t just for the high-end market with deep pockets. Digital billboards are powerful brand-building platforms that are interactive and cost-effective. At Allea Marketing, we own and manage the inventory. All you have to do decide on the type of campaign you want to drive business your way. This also means your business can buy the perfect amount of advertising for your needs and budget. You don’t have to monopolize an entire billboard if you don’t need it.

Even better, the content can be crafted to be highly relevant in terms of audience, time of day, and event. This can help you create a sense of urgency, which is the hallmark of a great advertising campaign. And if you find that it isn’t working, it can be changed.

Digital outdoor advertising is the way of the future. It offers small businesses with cost savings and maximized ad exposure over a shorter amount of time.

In these challenging times, take advantage of what is happening around you. People are getting back to work. Use that knowledge to deliver a campaign to capture your local community and beyond.

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