Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Take advantage of social media and digital out-of-home advertising

Digital-out-of-home advertising offers a presence in the real world that adds authority to your business.

It’s tough to ignore giant digital billboards when driving past or stuck in traffic, making it great for building brand awareness. You don’t always get this in the online world, where it’s so easy to keep scrolling.

Studies show that individuals are 17% more likely to connect with a brand on their mobile after exposure to digital-out-of-home advertising. This interaction increases to 38% with the more spectacular and savvier digital-out-of-home ads.

This is just the start of how these two digital platforms can work together to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Integrating your Social Media with your Digital-Out-of-Home Advertising

The simplest way to integrate your social media with digital-out-of-home advertising is to include a hashtag in the advertisement. The impact of a well-placed billboard can be magnified using unique, memorable hashtags that promote social media engagement.

A slightly more sophisticated option is placing customer comments, reviews, or stories from Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter onto the advertising of a product or service. It’s just like scrolling through your own social media feed.

New technology, such as vehicle recognition technology, QR codes, iBeacons, and Bluetooth, enables ads to leap off the billboard and onto a passer by’s smartphone. Potentially routing to social media ad campaigns for quick and easy lead generation or purchasing.

The Cardinal Rules of Integration

Make sure the content is visible

If you choose to use social media elements in your digital-out-of-home advertising, you need to ensure it is clearly visible.

There are several ways to do this. If you don’t want to take up an entire display, think about contrasting colors to draw attention to the content. You can even look at using animations to make it stand out.

Another way is to dedicate time to the content loop for a full screen of social media segments. This is highly effective to showcase some of the best comments on your products.

Highlight Your Customer Interactions

Let’s face it; you can’t just put up the business statuses and tweets and expect potential customers to care. Putting a constant stream of remarks from your Twitter or Facebook feed isn’t advisable. You need to show the social interactions that matter.

You can showcase the customer review of the week or display customer comments or tweets about your product or services. You can also show loops of your customer’s inspirational and creative Instagram stories or posts about your product or service. These are often high impact as they show the product and the person with hashtags clearly marked on the pictures.

Have a Clear Call to Action

As with all effective advertising, you need a call to action that is clear and easy to follow. If you want your customers to follow you on social media, display your handles and pages so everyone can see from a distance.

However, if you want to drive sales by using social media on your digital-out-of-home advertising, you need to engage the user. Have something entertaining and relatable to the potential customer. Then ask them to interact on social media for a discount or coupon. Make the call to action clear and concise, and easy to follow.

More than ever, businesses are choosing digital-out-of-home advertising to boost their online campaigns’ reach and impact. Now is the time to utilize both platforms to elevate your marketing.

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