Digital Billboards

Your Critical Key to Success

The world of advertising changes at an incredibly fast pace due to the speed of emerging technologies. Some of these technologies, such as digital out-of-home advertising and digital billboards, have completely changed the face and movement of advertising.

Digital technology has taken over most of the game, and it’s playing out online through social media and your inbox. However, outdoor advertising has not lost its credibility. It can deliver high exposure to a broad audience and still proven to be highly effective. Remember those old billboards you used to see while driving down the highway. Well, they are all being replaced by the digital billboard and LED billboard advertising that brings a new level of affordability.  It is often referred to as digital out-of-home advertising.

This type of advertising is not just for the high-end brands with big pockets. Digital billboards are powerful brand-building platforms, and they are expected to play a more dominant role in advertising in the future. They are interactive and cost-effective. The possibilities of their use are endless.

So how can the new age of technical out-of-home advertising benefit your marketing strategy?

Dynamic Content

Thanks to progress, people have different expectations about how advertising works. People are inundated on social media with customized ads that are highly dependent on the actions we take. Digital billboards currently can’t reach this level of customization, but it can still deliver a timely message.

Digitized screens provide dynamic content that is not possible on static billboards. The content can be crafted to be highly relevant in terms of audience, the time of the day and event. And it can never be turned off or closed.

The beauty of the content, if it doesn’t seem to be working, it can be changed immediately.

Display Time-Sensitive Messages

Many companies waste money paying for ads that outlive the events being advertised. Think of sales and specials that you have promoted. Digital ads can cut down on waste by automatically switching over at designated times. This gives you the ability to advertise when the special or promotion is happening in real-time – increasing the ad’s return on investment.

Flexibility and Cost-effectiveness

A traditional billboard can only display one advertisement at a time. With digital billboards, they can be loaded with multiple messages that it cycles between on a set schedule. Companies that advertise on digital billboards can buy the perfect amount of advertising for their needs and budgets. This means that there is no reason to pay extra to monopolize an entire billboard if you think you can do just as well sharing the space.

Digital billboards can be placed anywhere – outside events, bus stops – wherever there is a flow of people or group waiting.

Perfect for creating urgency for that immediate conversion

Most people are procrastinators by nature and plan to make a purchase; still, they decide to wait until later. The company ends up losing the sale because they never end up acting on their impulse.

Digital billboards are uniquely equipped to create a sense of urgency—the hallmark of a great advertising campaign. You can simply put a timer ticking down, this gives a massive psychological impact on all those who pass by.  It is a reminder that time is running out, and they might miss their chance. A digital billboard can ratchet up the urgency with updates by the hour, minute, or even seconds.

It builds a connection with customers

Building a connection with your customer is the goal to ensure repeat business. Everyone hates to wait. If someone is being entertained, they are less likely to notice the wait duration. Research shows that digital billboards minimize client wait time by about 35%. This creates a positive bond with a store and brand. It encourages them to keep coming back. Other ways digital media fosters connections are through color, movement, and newness, helping to keep people engaged, informed, and interested.

Digital billboards are the future of advertising. This is how other agencies and business owners are increasing clients without an enormous marketing budget. It offers cost savings and maximized ad exposure over a shorter amount of time. It will help your business stay ahead of the competition.

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