5 Reasons Why You Need Digital Outdoor Marketing

When you think of digital outdoor marketing, what’s the first thing you imagine?

To most of us it pops in to mind a picture of a big billboard in the highway or on a business area in the city. And we all forget that digital outdoor marketing is much more than this and in so many other places. It can be shopping centers, taxis, trains, buses and metro stations, cafes, bars, restaurants, and many more everyday places with high population.

Outdoor or also called Out-Of-Home marketing is advertising to people while they are out of their home. People spend more time away from home and so digital outdoor marketing has great potential to reach some very active consumers. The reasons to use digital outdoor marketing to increase your business reach are endless, but for time sake we have compiled a list that we believe are the top 5 reasons why you need of digital outdoor marketing.

High Impact

Unlike other mediums, digital outdoor marketing does not need to be approved by the consumer. Digital outdoor marketing is part of the everyday and public environment, therefore cannot be turned off like television and internet. The viewer has no power or control on whether they see it or not, which gives your campaign impact for a longer period of time than the viewer may expect.

Cost Effective

Outdoor Media Association, reported in their study the findings that digital outdoor marketing delivers a high Return of Investment in all categories and the higher the budget spent on digital outdoor marketing the larger the ROI was.

Real Time

You have the perfect advertisement, in the perfect location, and now on the perfect time. This is possible because changing the content of the billboard is one click of a button away. This is especially useful for public service authorities’ informative messages which can deliver all public service messages with ease and convenience. Same way is tracking results and measuring results of the advertisement without waiting for the end of the campaign.

Mass Audience

If you are trying to reach a broader audience this is the platform you need. Digital outdoor marketing is for a mass audience accessing consumers that are difficult to reach by other mediums. Busy professional people, frequent car users, travellers, etc. might not have time or access for the traditional marketing platforms and Digital Outdoor Marketing is the best way to reach this audience.

Engaging Medium

Contrary to other marketing mediums, outdoor marketing tends to be liked by people and gets fast engagement. Statistics from The Arbitron National In-Car Study shows that a 72% of billboard viewers frequently or sometimes shop on their way home from work and outdoor marketing is vital to impact shopping and purchasing on the way home from work.