What is Influencer Marketing and How to Use It?


Influencer marketing leverages product mentions from influencers and content creators on social media, capitalizing on their popularity and loyal social media following. Influencers are experts in their niche and have built high trust levels with their followers over time. Therefore, whatever recommendations they give to a brand’s potential customers are social proof and credible. The lucrative influencer marketing industry value is estimated to be approximately 16.4 billion in 2022!  Brands have found more success leveraging influencer marketing than marketing their products directly to a large audience. Here’s how to use it.

  • Identify your ideal audience.

Establish your target audience by determining who your products and services target. For example, decide whether your services and products suit teens, adults, women, men, etc.

  • Get the right influencer.

Partnering with influencer marketers that have high engagement with their followers will give you a lot of exposure. They should have a passion and they create content that resonates with your target audience. For example, partnering with an influencer in fitness and wellness is a good fit for your fitness club.

  • Make Them A Mutually Beneficial Offer

Agree on terms that both you and the influencer are happy with. Some accept compensation in the form of cash, while others accept free products. Once you agree, send them your products or provide the service for them to try before they officially release tell their followers. If you have a cosmetics business, you can send the influencer(s) free samples of your beauty products to use before they are launched.

  • Give them essential information and maintain good communication.

After striking an agreement, equip the influencer with vital details about your products and services to help them publish great product reviews on their social media channels. Suggest caption ideas and let them take over with their creatively and unique delivery. When they publish it, repost and share these reviews on your social media platforms like pinning them on your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Stay in constant communication to respond to any questions they may have.

  • Track your influencer marketing campaign.

Make sure to analyze the results of all efforts so as to determine those that work and improve the weak results.


Influencer marketing will yield fantastic results if you do it right. Use our insight above to create a good influencer marketing strategy that boosts your brand’s exposure. Good luck!