Use A Quiz Funnel to Not Only Generate Leads but Gather More Intelligence on Your Audience


A quiz funnel is a great lead generation strategy, but there is more to it than just lead generation. You can use a quiz funnel to collect intelligence on your audience. Do you know how to do this? Read on.

Use A Quiz Funnel to Gather More Intelligence on Your Audience

You can gather intelligence on your audience using a quiz funnel in the following ways:

  • The visitors to your site will fill out a quiz, and this quiz will help you gather intelligence on the visitors by segmenting them into categories based on the criteria you have defined.
  • The type of questions will help you recommend your visitors to the right product or service that they want. For example, your quiz may help you guide the visitors to a blog, a consultation, or a product.
  • Using the quiz, you will gather the following intelligence from your visitors:a). Demographic intelligence

You will gather demographic intelligence by including these aspects in your quiz: the prospect’s age, gender, income status, and location

b). Psychographic intelligence

Psychographic intelligence will require you to add these aspects to your quiz: your prospects’ values, attitudes, and beliefs.


How To Create A Quiz Funnel That Gathers Audience Intelligence?

  1. Define Your Audience

You will define your audience by using customer personas which is a demi-fictional description of the ideal customer. A detailed persona will help you gather intelligence on your audience’s likes, demographics, habits, pain points, and purchase triggers.

  1. Identify The Goal of The Quiz

Define the exact reason that your quiz has to achieve. Is it intended to increase sign-ups? Is the quiz designed to select an individual with specific characteristics? The goal of your quiz funnel should coincide with creating a solution for your audience’s pain point. Find out the frustrations of your target audience and the possible timely solutions you can offer.

  1. Design Your Quiz

Create between seven to ten questions to keep your audience engaged as you provide insight in four areas:

  • The goal question- for identifying the customer’s broad goal for you to determine the desired recommendation
  • Problem question- points at the pain point of the audience. You will be able to get intelligence that will help you segment the audience according to their pain point.
  • Budget question- the question will help you gather intelligence on how much the prospect is willing to spend so that they can solve their problem.
  • Demographic question- The information includes gender, ethnicity, age, and location. these aspects will help you know the right solutions for your audience.


A quiz funnel can do more than just attract new leads. With it you to get important information about your audience, and customize your products or services according to customer needs. Good luck!