How Do You Use Social Media AI For Growing Traffic And Sales?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed our lives these days, from driving our cars to searching for answers online. Now it can also assist you as well in social media marketing. The emergence of AI-powered social media marketing platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite Pro gives marketers options for automating tasks traditionally done manually.

Artificial intelligence is a generic term covering technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and image recognition.

From automating interactions to understanding customers, AI can help you in every respect. For this reason, many brands and marketers are using AI-based solutions to grow traffic and sales through social media in the following ways:

  1. Sell ​​More By Combining Augmented Reality (AR) And Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a promising technology that can help you increase sales. With AI, you can offer consumers virtual experiential experiences on social media. The knowledge that products can be tried before placing an order will encourage potential customers to test or sample the offer. The best part is that consumers can do everything without leaving the social media app! This is because Facebook and Instagram are already adding beta features to make shopping on social media more engaging.

Brands like Ray-Ban use this feature to allow visitors to preview how their sunglasses will look on their faces before placing their order. Taking advantage of this trend can help you catalyze the sales process and drive more conversions for your brand.

  1. Implementing AI Chatbots To Improve Customer Engagement

Not long ago, the idea of ​​communicating with a bot was ridiculous. However, today, about 56% of customers are said to prefer interacting with chatbots to get solutions, ask questions, and report problems. This is because AI-powered chatbots can deliver more intelligent, faster, more effective, and instant answers to customer requests across all platforms. Other uses and advantages of Chatbots are:

  • Give customized product recommendations to increase sales
  • Reduce the cost of customer service
  • Helping customers find products
  • Place orders for customers.
  • Providing 24/7 support and immediate solutions to customer problems.

Chatbots are not only used on websites. Your branded chatbot can also integrate with messaging and social media apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

  1. Schedule Posts with Custom Times Based On Day Or Time Zones

AI is more than capable of scheduling posts for you, freeing up time that would otherwise be spent updating your social media pages. The AI can monitor trends and determine when the best times to post are so people will see them on their feet as they scroll through.

  1. Improves Social Media Engagement                                        

Now AI can also work on engaging more people through the use of Machine Learning algorithms that work based on reviews, likes, shares, and follows within one’s content – all without any human interaction.

Beauty brand Sephora has embraced artificial intelligence to handle consumer interactions without a human agent. The chatbot of Sephora began interacting with followers with a survey, whose goal was to understand a customer’s preferred product and help them narrow down their choices.

  1. Analyzing Stats from Every Social Platform In One Place. 

AI uses a variety of data points to improve campaign strategies, such as social media stats. For instance, AI will take what people have previously liked on Facebook and apply it to campaigns to be more successful by showing ads that would interest the user based on their previous engagement with content before converting into sales.

AI collects and analyzes various data points from different platforms like Instagram or Twitter to feed this information back into a comprehensive marketing strategy where they use past likes when promoting new products, which increases potential conversions.

  1. Share Relevant Content

AI algorithms are now working behind the scenes at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media networks. They produce addictive content specifically tailored to each user (even down to which ads get shown). It becomes difficult for any brand not to use artificial intelligence systems to stand out from the crowd within their marketing strategy.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up possibilities in almost every field, including social media marketing. Generally, more data means better results in any field of work. This is true when it comes to using bots and algorithms that can help your business thrive online. Social media AI has been used successfully by many different companies with varying budgets across industries, including retail, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more!