4 Ways to Integrate Direct Mail with Digital Marketing

In the connected world we live today it’s important to reach potential customers using different channels.

This will increase the chances of you contacting a audiences you cannot reach in other ways and it also increases the touch points and strengthens your message for your loyal customers. Direct Mail Marketing is one of the channels that not only is not dead but is having it’s rise again. The ideal way to benefit from this is by combining Direct Mail with digital marketing. If you want to get the best from your campaign, you don’t have to use direct mail in isolation. Consider an integrated campaign that uses digital marketing to increase your presence and you’ll be on the road to success! But how can you use digital marketing and direct mail together in 2017?

Social Media

You can encourage actions via social media within your direct mail. For example, setting up a competition that involves an item sent with your mailer such as a fun prop or even the mailer itself could help to spread the word, reach a wider audience and get your initial targets to engage more actively with your content. Of even adding all your social media links in your direct mail will help to increase your following.


You can follow up your direct mail with an email. It’s a simple fact that life gets busy, and even if someone was interested when your direct mail campaign dropped onto their doorstep, they might forget to act on it. Emails with similar content can provide a helpful reminder and even supply a more direct route to purchase if you’re trying to encourage E-commerce sales.

QR Codes

To link faster you direct mail with your online presence add a QR Code in your mail marketing. The receiver can quickly scan the code and be directed to a specific landing page you have created for them. To make landing page content unique to each person, create personalized QR codes or personalized URLs (PURLs). Make sure that your landing page is responsive design since people will mostly use a mobile device.


A sophisticated way to combine direct mail & digital is to take advantage of remarketing. If you set up a specific landing page for your DM campaign you can set up a tracking pixel that can gather data to help you to present ads only to people who have visited that page on your site.

This clever technology means that you can remarket to people who have shown an interest in your direct mail content with display or text ads as they travel around the web. This type of messaging might just be enough to convert an interested party into a customer, so it’s well worth considering as a part of your campaign.