53 Karat

Determining User Intentions & Increasing Customer Service Quality Through Allea Conversational Marketing Solutions

53 Karat Beauty Salon

What started as an idea has now become a part of reality because of the combined efforts of the owner and Allea Marketing.  Allea Marketing was approached by 53 Karat to augment their customer service by offering a conversation-based solution built on top of their established FB Messenger platform.

With Allea Marketing Solution’s in-depth knowledge and experience in marketing strategy, the solution involved developing a dynamic conversational marketing triggered based on keywords the prospects would send to the salon’s Facebook Page/Facebook Messenger.

With $0 in Ad Spend

increase of subscribers in 6 months
NEW appointment bookings a month with no ad spend
of monthly generated revenue with no ad spend


Hard Work Is Paying Off

53 Karat is a trendy salon that offers exclusive services to its customers.

The entire team of 53 Karat is highly skilled and has the required expertise to achieve customer satisfaction. 

After all, who would want to miss a chance to get their beauty services done while they sip tea, coffee, or maybe a glass of wine in the evening? 

53 Karat has become a definite success story and is positioned to continue to dominate the beauty service industry.

53 Karat Beauty Salon Conversational Marketing


Increase Customer Service Conversation Automation Without Increasing Ad Spend

53 Karat goals were to increase customer service by offering a direct human automated interaction with their audience at any time of the day whether it was for inquiries for their various services, or booking appointments or receiving extra information about a certain subject related to the beauty industry.


Teaming Up With the Pros

Being a go-getter and at the forefront of beauty, Ève Parr built 53 Karat years ago from scratch learning about everything and anything to make her dream a reality.  With the numerous deceptions of other marketing agencies she tried to work with who provided no tangible results or ridiculous proposals, she found a special place within Allea Marketing.  

We proposed a long term plan broken down into monthly pieces that made sense for her budget while focusing on the ultimate business and marketing end goals and objectives.  A thorough analysis was made on her digital assets where adjustments and set up were necessary to better position 53 Karat to include conversational marketing in her media mix along being better positioned to run optimized campaigns on social media.

Conversation Automation

(Facebook Page, ManyChat, FB Messenger, Automated Conversation, Human Notification)

Step #1: Digital Assets Foundation Adjustments

53 Karat became a success due to an increase in online presence. Online presence helps generate followers and traffic to businesses. The plan was carried out in three steps that were divided into three phases. A media mix marketing solution was devised as it was extremely important to drive the target audience to the social media pages linked to 53 Karat. 

Automated solutions were offered to include developing a Facebook page that has access to Facebook Messenger and setting up a Facebook business manager along with a Facebook ad account. Moreover, an automated conversation like ChatBot was also introduced, which can help the target market interact directly with the salon itself.

Step #2: Conversational Marketing made it a Success

Conversational marketing made it a success as the queries of the target market were answered right there and then. Use of ManyChat and Facebook Messenger helped book an appointment at their convenience. 53 Karat was able to share videos regarding the services offered along with prices. Conversational marketing helped in segmenting users according to their interest in the services offered. It has informed users about any new prospects that are being introduced which might interest them.

Step #3: 53 Karat Reservation System 

Introducing a new business is very difficult as it is impossible to come up with a concept that nobody has thought of before. Opening up a beauty salon is quite common and the systems on which they operate are also local and mostly manual.

To further make 53 Karat a flexible and agile business, effort is being put towards moving the reservation system to the cloud.  GAP analysis was also done of the existing system as well as the cloud system proposed to be 100 percent sure that it will work out for them and closely match the business process for a seamless transition.

With a cloud booking system, 53 Karat will be able to bring a prospect through FB ads into an interactive conversation on FB Messenger, segmenting this lead’s interests and convert them into customers by offering them to book an appointment online.


Sharing Beauty With Everyone

Over the course of the last couple of months, the beauty salon used the Conversational Marketing services to vastly improve their ability to interact and serve customers faster, at any time of the day and using standard communication across the media. 

By scratching the surface only by implementing a solution to augment their customer service, 53 Karat saw an increase in the total number of its active subscribers 179 active subscribers in February to over 760 in June, going through conversational flows providing segmenting benefits to 53 Karat.

The strategy has generated over 10-20 appointments per month since 2-3 months ago without spending any money on ads with new leads starting conversations with the business.