How We Helped Bélanger Sell Their Commercial Fleets in 2 Weeks

At Allea Solutions, we thrive on turning marketing challenges into success stories. Our recent collaboration with Belanger stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering tangible, exceptional results. Here’s how we helped Belanger achieve remarkable success:

“The Challenge”

Immediate Sales of Cancelled Commercial Vehicles

As a reputable automotive company, Belanger approached us with the goal of enhancing their brand visibility, driving engagement, and ultimately boosting sales after an order of a fleet of 6 commercial vehicles got canceled and they had an urgency of re-selling these canceled vehicles within 2 weeks. With a limited budget, a limited timeframe, and an ad spend of $250, our challenge was to craft a campaign that maximized impact and delivered a substantial return on investment.

“The Solution”

Campaign and ads that completely stops people from scrolling and paying attention

Drawing inspiration from Belanger’s unique offerings, we devised a multifaceted marketing strategy that combined targeted advertising, compelling messaging, and strategic planning. Leveraging our expertise, we aimed to not only meet but exceed Belanger’s expectations.

Strategic Execution:

  • Compelling Messaging: We crafted concise, compelling messages that highlighted Belanger’s key offerings, ensuring they resonated with the target audience.
  • Targeted Advertising: Through data-driven targeting, we optimized Belanger’s ad placement to reach audiences most likely to be interested in their products.
  • Cost-Efficient Engagement: With a cost per message of $41.66, we ensured that every interaction was a valuable investment, driving efficient engagement.
  • Maximizing Impressions: Through strategic ad placement and creative content, we achieved an impressive 45,179 impressions with 6 messaging inquiries and $41.66 cost/message, expanding Belanger’s reach far and wide. Message 

“The Results”

  • Generated meaningful messaging inquiries highlighted the genuine interest generated.
  • With an ROI of 84%,  the campaign proved exceptionally effective in converting engagement into sales.
  • The planned one-month campaign sold out in just 2 weeks, demonstrating the rapid and overwhelming success achieved.
Profit from Sales in 2 Weeks
Return on Investment
Delivered Impressions

At Allea Solutions, we view each collaboration as an opportunity to innovate, strategize, and deliver unparalleled success. Belanger’s triumph in the competitive automotive market is a testament to our dedication to excellence. As we celebrate this achievement, we invite businesses to join us in transforming their marketing challenges into success stories. Partner with Allea Solutions, where your success is our mission.