Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Finding & Nurturing Quality Leads Through Allea Marketing Solutions

Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Auto Dealership

The automotive dealership has been using Allea Marketing Solution’s in-depth lead generation and fullstack marketing services combining Digital Out-of-Home Advertising, Facebook for paid traffic generation ads and page post management, Landing Pages for lead generation and Email/FB Messenger for lead nurturing.

With $3,150 in Ad Spend

generated impressions ($0.014/per impr.)
direct conversations with auto dealer sales representatives
of Walk-In leads open and click rates on emails sequence sent to leads interested in Trucks, Jeep, Caravan and pre-owned vehicles


Half a Century of Dedication

Marcel Belanger has now developed a name for himself, a name which is synonymous with reliability and excellence within the automotive industry.

The now flourishing Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership can trace its roots back to 2013, but the Belanger family’s experience with vehicles goes back a lot further than that.

Marcel has gone from a used-car salesman in the 60s to an owner of his own dealership with his sons Marc and Luc Belanger. Offering a wide selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, the dealership proudly serves Rockland, Ontario and surrounding communities.

Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Automotive Dealership


Get More Customers Into Their Dream Vehicle

Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram set out to build their digital footprint and generate high-quality leads that would then lead to more satisfied customers.


Teaming Up With the Pros

Bélanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram combined forces with the digital marketing agency Allea Marketing Solutions who grew the dealership’s online presence generating high-quality traffic, conversations & leads implementing automation systems to nurture and convert prospects.

This was to be done using a careful multi-step plan taking the marketing budget in mind to make potential new customers become aware of the dealership’s presence and using various marketing techniques to convince interested individuals to visit the dealership through various media.

This media mix marketing solution invovled implementing a FullStack marketing automated solution using Digital Out-of-Home, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Email Marketing. 

Outdoor Digital Billboards for Incoming and Outgoing Traffic Impact - Belanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Outdoor Digital Billboards For Incoming & Outgoing Traffic Impact
(Digital Outdoor Marketing, High-Impact Ads)

Consumers are spending more time outside of their homes with work, family and social commitments.  Bélanger Chrysler includes this in their media mix to integrate the customer’s daily journey and capture their attention for promotion of various private sales events, inventory availablility, trade-in information and financing optons.

Being able to put promotions and their trusted brand up on a digital billboard for thousands of people to see is something that cannot be recreated using any other model. With this method being the second fastest growing medium in terms of consumer exposure time, it is a vital part of long term marketing media strategy to generating new leads. 

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Funnels
(Fb Ads, High-Converting Landing Pages, Email Marketing)

The Bélanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealer teamed up with Allea Marketing on its strategic lead generation campaign, which included separate awareness, consideration and decision phases.

The phases were to bring new potential auto buyers to the website and specialized landing pages. Facebook Ads were developed along with social media post management to engage their audience demonstrating their authority in the automotive marketplace.  

Landing pages were built to capture specific users, vehicle information and specific actions to then use Facebook Advanced Audience retargeting features for retargeting buyers and turning them into quality leads the dealership could follow up with to offer trade-in appraisals.

Email and Conversation Marketing was then used for lead nurturing to increase conversion opportunities.

Facebook Ads Lead Generation Funnels for Bélanger Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership

Conversation Automation

(ManyChat, FB Messenger, Automated Conversation)

Allea Marketing Solutions focused Bélanger Chrysler marketing efforts on adding an advanced, mobile approach. The company added to the media mix an innovative chatbot for Messenger.

It allows people to directly connect with the brand in a variety of ways. The audience can interact with the chatbot by selecting options the bot proposes and directing the conversation flow to a defined call to action.

For instance, in interacting with the ChatBot, people can easily conduct an inventory search at dealerships, inquire about the financing options, request a test drive and submit their information for a trade-in.  The Chat Bot is connected to Google Sheet and Zapier to alert the auto dealership owners about the trade-in request.

To steer people to communicate with ChatBot, Allea Marketing ran for Bélanger Chrysler a click-to-Messenger ad that included links it’s Facebook Page.


Off To The Races

Over the course of a year, the dealership was able to use the Full Stack Paid Advertising Funnel service to vastly improve their ability to produce high quality awareness and to generate quality leads. Some of their greatest results included:

  • Build, maintain and optimize digital assets
  • With a low Ad Spend budget, be able to:
    • generate over 224000 impressions ($0.014/per impr.)
    • generate 175+ direct conversations from FB ads to auto sales representatives
    • generate an average of 47.75% open and click rates on high-converting email marketing solutions to nurture walk-in leads
    • Put in place a Conversational Marketing solution to augment their customer service by using chatbot technologies to discover the user’s intentions and notifying owners and sales representative